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Label: Sophox 

Compilation of rare songs performed by Justin Hayward with The Moody Blues, solos and other rare tracks

01. Nights in White Satin
02. I Know You’re Out There
03. Tuesday Afternoon
04. Driftwood
05. Outer Space
06. It Won’t Be Easy
07. Dawn of a New Day
08. Still Waters Run Deep
09. Heart of Steel
10. Unexpected Song
11. Let It Begin
12. Skimming Stones
13. Something Evil
14. Tregardock
15. Shoe People
(Long Version: "Stars in Spanish," 1988)
(Long Version: Spanish-Language Single, 1988)
("Legend of a Band" video, 1990)
("The Other Side of Red Rocks" video, 1995)
("Star Cops" TV Series, 1987)
("Star Cops" TV Series, 1987)
(Mandalaband: "Eye of the Wendor," 1975)
("Return to the Center of the Earth" Promo, 1999)
(B-Side of the "Marie" Single, 1979)
(With Marti Webb, 1981)
(With Sally Oldfield: German Remix, 1988)
(From "Three Men and a Leg," 1997)
(From "The Howling IV," 1988)
(From "Poetry in Motion," 1990)
(From the BBC TV Series, 1987) 

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