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John Birch, number one fan of the Sprouts, was the first to write a book about the Sprouts:  Myths, Melodies & Metaphysics: Paddy McAloon's Prefab Sprout and then, Prefab Sprout - The Early Years. This is a continuation of his generous effort: Paddy McAloon: The Missing Interviews with collaboration of other authors. Below some important information about this book.

The book is due to be released on June 1st, 2024.
Limited Edition of only 100 numbered copies

Title: Paddy McAloon: The Missing Interviews
Authors: Goodall, Zeigler, Boedeker, Devonshire, Price James, Remstein, Toussaint
Editor: John Birch
ISBN: 978-1-9997967-3-0
Price: 20.00 plus postage and packing

Availability: Only via mail order from the editor, John Birch at

     These unpublished interviews are published after a 10-year-long silence from the McAloon camp. Paddy McAloon has retired and has not been accepting invitations for interviews for several years now. These exclusive interviews date back chiefly to the Crimson Red period, but are not entirely focused on the materials in that album. Indeed, biographer John Birch organised most of these interviews via Hannah Barttelot at Icebreaker Fund, who took care of the PR for Crimson Red. The questions raised and answered at this time were deep and expansive, the depth of which McAloon himself acknowledges. Destined to become a key source of materials for the ill-fated Prefab Sprout: The Thomas Dolby Years, this material is here to be read after ten years of silence.

     Thanks go out to Mark Goodall, whose introduction to the book and his 2 hours 22 minutes interview with Paddy especially provides the deepest look inside the mind of McAloon. Thanks for his eternal patience in waiting for this book to be published.

Book: Paddy McAloon - The Missing Interviews

     Throughout the book is also some exclusive artwork by Ken Meyer Jr. and Patrick Wray, and a few exclusive photographs, too.

The Interviewers
Mark Goodall please visit
Arnd Zeigler for more information go to
Michael Boedeker*, Gordon Devonshire*, David Price James*, Bob Remstein and Florian Toussaint* are all independent music journalists, writing for the likes of Télérama, France Musique, Bauer Media Group, Music Box and Songwriter Magazine. Special thanks to them all for permitting me exclusive publication of these interviews, which were never published.
*Eighty percent of interview question content credited to John Birch.
The copyright of each interview is hereby acknowledged as the property of the respective interviewers.