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Welcome to my site with a listing of  THE MOODY BLUES  boots and related  info. 
You can contribute by sending track listings, covers and comments / reviews on these releases and I will include them in the next update with the proper credit. 

Last update:    November 13th, 2005

Corrected track listings for  Beat Survivors  and  Melancholy Men. The covers had the right listing. Sorry for this!

Mike Weeks  sent me covers for Eternity Road, Present Tense, Other Side of Live, Blue Jays and Coach Live. Thanks !
Also, added track listings for BBC Recordings 1965-1967 when Dennis Laine was still with the Moodies and Atlantic City 2004. No artwork, sorry. These shows have been circulating in torrents online.

The site was launched on August 05, 2002.

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