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This is a small list of Traders who have agreed to be listed on this page and have some Moody Boots.
If you have any Moody boot you are invited to contact me and I will include you in this page. 
Contact me at:  M
oody Boots Site         
Last update:  July 17, 2005

  The Moody Artifacts   
Geo who helped me with info and covers, has a great collection of Moody boots but he is only trading Moody Blues recordings, so if you think your boot is not included in The Moody Artifacts, contact him at once !

  Bill's ROIO's
E-mail Bill if interested in trades. MB include: Isle of Wight, Melancholy Man, Beat Survivors, Grande Tour, Osaka(2), Tokyo(2), KBFH '82, Hollywood Bowl '86, Cleveland '86, '95 Unknown(2).
Also has Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Tull, ELP, King Crimson.

  Rick's Boots   
Listed are: Grande Toure, Reunion Tour 1980, Live at the Forum, Los Angeles 1983 2CD and Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY 8/8/88 2CD.

  Moody Blues Concert CDs -  
Live Moody Blues Concerts Availalbe on CD from the early 1970's to the present. Trades for other Moody Blues Boots welcome. Great collection of boots.

  Peter's Boots   
A long time fan of the Moody Blues (and Renaissance) who loves to share the music...trades are encouraged!

  ferhiga's Boots   
Contact me for any MB trade. Audio CDs or VCDs.

  Mark Bataitis -  
Large abundance of Moodies gigs for swap, along with Genesis, The Doors and other acts. 
I'm an avid collector of Moodies gigs, you can find my breakdown of recordings.

  Progressive Rock Trader -  
My list of Moodies and other Progressive Recordings for trade only.

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