Letras Originales de Canciones Progresivas

Camel - CamelCAMEL - CAMEL (1973)
Peter Bardens - Órgano, melotrón, piano, sintetizador VCS3, voces
Doug Ferguson - Bajo y voces
Andrew Latimer - Guitarra y voces
Andy Ward - Batería y percusión
Eddie - Congas
Lista de Temas:
Slow Yourself Down
Mystic Queen

Six Ate (instrumental)
Never Let Go

Arubaluba (instrumental)
Arriba   Slow Yourself Down

They tell me you're searching for a new place,
they tell me tomorrow will have a true face.
They say that I don't understand,
when you speak of your summertime land -
just slow yourself down, I'm coming along.

They tell me your past often hurt you,
and even your friends, they would desert you.
But now you are beginning to see,
the same things have happened to me -
just slow yourself down, I'm coming along.

You tell me your dreams have been broken,
and not enough words have been spoken.
The time has come to see it through.
slow down 'coz I'm coming with you -
just slow yourself down, I'm coming along.

Arriba   Mystic Queen

Have you seen the Mystic Queen
riding in her limousine
over hills and dales 'til morning...

If you like I'll take you there
find some colours you can wear
colour that you've only seen while sleeping.

Arriba   Separation

You know we're fighting every day,
it's as if somehow we've lost our way.
When we'd first begun, yeah, we lived as one,
now as time goes on, we move our own way.

It's just no use in going on
when all the feeling now has gone.
You know we both have tried,
yeah, we both have lied,
now as tears subside, we move our own way.

Separation's the only way...
separation starts today...

(repeat verse)
Arriba   Never Let Go

Crazy preachers of our doom
telling us there is no room.
not enough for all mankind
and the seas of time are running dry.
Don't they know it's a lie...

Man is born with the will to survive,
he'll not take no for an answer.
He will get by, somehow he'll try,
he won't take no, never let go, no...

I hear them talk about  Kingdom Come,
I hear them discuss  Armageddon...
They say the hour is getting late,
but I can still hear someone say,
this is not the way...

Arriba   Curiosity

Sail, sail away,
there you go,
to a place you know.
Why not let me come along,
I won't tell no one.

Now our bodies have entwined,
touch me with your mind.
Your dreams are a mystery,
please share them with me.

Curiosity is killing me,
I just got to know.
Curiosity is killing me,
I just got to know -
where, tell me where,
where are you sailing...


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