Letras Originales de Canciones Progresivas

Además de las traducciones y de las notas sobre los discos, aquí puedes ubicar las letras originales para que puedas cotejarlo por ti mismo.
Nota: Ya no habrán más actualizaciones de letras traducidas y las originales en páginas separadas, sino en una sola página. Para ver el nuevo formato, visite la sección de Letras.
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      To the Power of Three
Alan Parsons Project:
      APP01 - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
      APP02 - I, Robot
      APP03 - Pyramid
      APP04 - Eve
      APP05 - Turn of a Friendly Card
      APP06 - Eye in the Sky
      APP07 - Ammonia Avenue
      APP08 - Vulture Culture
      APP09 - Stereotomy
      APP10 - Gaudi
Camel:  (Breathless se encuentra traducido en Letras)
      CAMEL01 - Camel
      CAMEL02 - Mirage
      CAMEL03 - Moonmadness
      CAMEL04 - Rain Dances
      CAMEL06 - I Can See Your House From Here
      CAMEL07 - Nude
      CAMEL08 - The Single Factor

      CAMEL09 - Stationary Traveller
      CAMEL11 - Harbour of Tears
      CAMEL12 - Rajaz
      CAMEL13 - A Nod and a Wink
Dream Theater:

      DT01 - When Dream and Day Unite
      DT02 - Images and Words
      DT03 - Awake
      DT04 - A Change of Seasons
      DT05 - Falling Into Infinity
      DT06 - Metropolis Pt.2 - Scenes from a Memory
      DT07 - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
      DT08 - Train of Thought
      DT09 - Octavarium
Emerson, Lake and Palmer:
      ELP01 - Emerson, Lake and Palmer (primer disco)

      ELP02 - Tarkus
      ELP03 - Pictures at an Exhibition
      ELP04 - Trilogy
      ELP05 - Brain Salad Surgery
      ELP06 - Works I

      ELP07 - Works II
      ELP08 - Love Beach
      ELP09 - Black Moon
      ELP10 - In the Hot Seat
Emerson, Lake and Powell:
      Emerson, Lake and Powell

Eric Woolfson:

      GEN01 - From Genesis To Revelation

      GEN02 - Trespass
      GEN03 - Nursery Cryme
      GEN04 - Foxtrot
      GEN05 - Selling England by the Pound
      GEN06 - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

      GEN07 - A Trick of a Tail
      GEN08 - Wind and Wuthering

      GEN09 - And Then There Were Three
      GEN10 - Duke
      GEN11 - Abacab
      GEN12 - Three Sides Live
      GEN13 - Genesis
      GEN14 - Invisible Touch
      GEN15 - We Can't Dance
      GEN16 - Calling All Stations
Gentle Giant:
      GG01 - Gentle Giant

      GG07 - Free Hand
      GTR - GTR

      ILL01 - Illusion

      ILL02 - Out of the Mist
Jeff Wayne:
      The War of the Worlds
Jethro Tull:
      JT01 - This Was
      JT02 - Stand Up
      JT03 - Benefit
      JT04 - Aqualung
      JT05 - Thick as a Brick
      JT06 - A Passion Play
      JT07 - WarChild
      JT11 - Heavy Horses
      JT12 - Stormwatch
      JT21 - Jethro Tull Christmas Album
      Living in the Past
Jon Anderson:
      JON01 - Olias of Sunhillow
      KANSAS02 - Song for America
      KANSAS04 - Leftoverture
      KANSAS05 - Point of Know Return
King Crimson: (el Construcktion of Light está en Letras)
      KC01 - In the Court of the Crimson King
      KC02 - In the Wake of Poseidon

      KC03 - Lizard

      KC04 - Islands
      KC05 - Larks' Tongue in Aspic
      KC06 - Starless and Bible Black

      KC07 - Red
      KC08 - Discipline
      KC09 - Beat
      KC10 - Three of a Perfect Pair
      KC11 - Thrak
      KC13 - The Power to Believe
      KLAATU01 - 3:47 EST
      Eye of Wendor
      MAR01 - Script for a Jester's Tears
      MAR03 - Misplaced Childhood
      MAR05 - Seasons End
      MAR06 - Holidays in Eden
      MAR07 - Brave
      PAL01 - The Sentinel
      PFM03 - Photos of Ghosts
      PFM04 - L'Isola di Niente
      PFM05 - The World Became the World
      PFM06 - Chocolate Kings
Pink Floyd:
      PF01 - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
      PF02 - A Saucerful of Secrets
      PF03 - More
      PF04 - Ummagumma
      PF05 - Atom Heart Mother
      PF06 - Meddle
      PF07 - Obscured by Clouds
      PF08 - Dark Side of the Moon
      PF09 - Wish you Were Here

      PF10 - Animals
      PF11 - The Wall
      PF12 - The Final Cut
      PF13 - A Momentary Lapse of Reason
      PF14 - The Division Bell
Procol Harum:
      PH01 - Procol Harum (primer disco)
      REN01 - Renaissance
      REN02 - Illusion
      REN03 - Prologue
      REN04 - Ashes are Burning
      REN05 - Turn of the Cards
      REN06 - Scheherzade and Other Stories
      REN07 - Novella
      REN08 - A Song for All Seasons
      REN09 - Azure d'Or
      RUSH03 - Caress of Steel
      RUSH04 - 2112
      RUSH05 - A Farewell to Kings

      RUSH06 - Hemispheres
      RUSH07 - Permanent Waves
      RUSH08 - Moving Pictures
      RUSH09 - Signals
      RUSH10 - Grace Under Pressure
      RUSH11 - Power Windows
      RUSH12 - Hold Your Fire
The Moody Blues:
      MB01 - Days of Future Passed
      MB02 - In the Search of the Lost Chord
      MB03 - On the Threshold of a Dream
      MB04 - To Our Children's Children's Children

      MB05 - A Question of Balance
      MB06 - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
      MB07 - Seventh Sojourn
      MB15 - December

Tony Banks:
      BANKS01 - A Curious Feeling
      TRI03 - Spartacus
      TRI04 - Old Loves Dies Hard
      UK01 - UK
      UK02 - Danger Money            nuevo
Van der Graaf Generator:
      VDGG03 - H to He, Who Am The Only One
      VDGG04 - Pawn Hearts
Rick Wakeman
      WAKE01 - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
      WAKE02 - The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Yes: (las que faltan de Yes las puedes encontar en Letras)
      YES01 - Yes
      YES02 - Time and a Word
      YES03 - The Yes Album

      YES04 - Fragile
      YES05 - Close to the Edge
      YES06 - Tales from Topographic Oceans

      YES07 - Relayer
      YES08 - Going for the One
      YES09 - Tormato
      YES10 - Drama
      YES11 - 90125
      YES16 - Keys to Ascension
      YES17 - Keys to Ascension 2
      YES19 - The Ladder


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