Letras Originales de Canciones Progresivas

Camel - I Can See Your House From HereCAMEL - I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FORM HERE (1979)
Colin Bass - Bajo, voces, bajo fretless Wal
Andrew Latimer - Guitarras, voces, voces de respaldo, flauta, auto-arpa
Jan Schelhaas - Yamaha C.S.80, Prophet Five, gran piano eléctrico Yamaha, otros
Andy Ward - Batería, tambor de marcha militar, loop de tambor, percusión
Kit Watkins - Hammond C.3, Solina, gran piano eléctrico Yamaha, piano Rhodes, otros
Mel Collins - Solo de saxo alto
Lista de Temas:
Your Love is Stranger Than Mine
Eye of the Storm (instrumental)
Who We Are

Survival (instrumental)
Hymn to Her
Neon Magic
Remote Romance

Ice (instrumental)
Arriba   Wait

You're looking nervous at the dealer
money goes like sand
slipping through your hands
you're leaving everything behind you
wave it all goodbye
I can hear you cry.

Wait - don't think about it
wait - it's never too late
wait - don't worry 'bout it
wait - leave it all to fate

Oh no this game is like a nightmare
there can be no doubt
luck has dealt me out
I'm only searching for the right time
money on the line
I can hear you cry.
Arriba   Your Love is Stranger Than Mine

Can't you see?
all of the things that I'm trying to say
are inside of me
I never thought I'd be feeling this way
but I think you've known all the time
your love is stranger than mine.

Seeing you
I can't believe in a love that won't leave
I don't want you to
be anyone that you don't wanna be
but I think you've known all the time
your love is stranger than mine.

If you are the one
to make it, to break it
if you are the one
won't you stay with me?

One more time
getting a feeling afraid that I might be
out of line
telling myself there's a chance that you
could be someone I've known all the time
your love is stranger than mine.
Arriba   Who We Are

Hotel rooms, sleep eludes me
in this strange life I lead
occasional friends, likewise lovers
never wanting what I need.

If you could be
here close to me
I know - love
we were meant for each other
we will love one another
and it won't really matter at all
who we are.

Wake-up calls in the morning
the empty night fades away
you're still there, I'm still faking
words I always meant to say.
Arriba   Hymn to Her

Look to the mirror
I can tell no lies
time drawing nearer
still I wonder why
you are the giver
me I never try
now we're together
still I wonder why.

Please can you tell me
when you're by my side
and when my eyes see
will I wonder why
if you are with me
I can only try
to find the answer
in the words that ask the question.

Why don't we know
and why don't it show
I wanna find out
try let it all out
Arriba   Neon Magic

Neon magic, a playground for the noise
got the boys feeling tough, acting rough
looking for trouble?
you better mind your tongue
having fun much too much
chasing cars, hit and run.

They try their hardest
to stand out in the crowd, talking loud
neon girls carrousels
show off their colours
for some local fame
that's the name (of their) game
acting cool, out of school
you're the same
Arriba   Remote Romance

It's automatic
there's too much static
ooh your signal's fading
down goes my rating
ooh your signal's fading

Remote - remote
romance - romance.

Rush-button passion
I won't repeat it
I won't repeat it
I won't repeat (ha ha ha) .

Wait a minute
wait a minute but...

It's just a sequence
it makes no real sense
it's just a sequence
it makes no real sense.

It's automatic
there's too much statix
can't get no feed-back
I'm on the wrong track.

Wait a minute
it don't make a lot of sense
just a sequence
it makes no real sense.

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