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Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Obras IIEMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER - WORKS II (1977)
Keith Emerson - Acordeón, clavicordio, teclados, órgano, piano, sintetizador
Greg Lake - Bajo, guitarra, guitarra de 12 cuerdas, vocales
Carl Palmer - Batería, percusión, sintetizador
Lista de Temas:
Tiger In A Spotlight
When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind (instrumental)
Bullfrog   (instrumental)
Brain Salad Surgery
Barrelhouse Shake-Down   (instrumental)
Watching Over You
So Far To Fall
Maple Leaf Rag   (instrumental)
I Believe In Father Christmas
Close But Not Touching   (instrumental)
Honky Tonk Train Blues   (instrumental)
Show Me The Way To Go Home   (instrumental)
Arriba   Tiger In A Spotlight

Bass - playing in my face - grabbin' the elastic
Drums - listen here she comes - hammerin' the plastic
Keys - I play 'em all with ease - Freeze! Your shakin' at the knees
You're doin' somethin' drastic - chasin' the fantastic...
To dine with tigers in the sky
But did you ever stop to wonder why?
Man - living in a can - skippin' with a suit-case
Frail - living in a gale - slipping on a blue face
Claws - are scratching at the doors - Pause: If you don't lose your oars
You're trippin' on a shoe lace - racin' to each new place...
To screw your shadow in the sky
But did you ever stop to wonder why?

Sun - help me when I run - bleedin' from the moonlight
Nurse - help me with a verse - I need to sing the tune right
Days - I wasted in the maze - Raise your eyes above the ways
To keep a silver spoon bright - fly up to balloon height...
To ride the spotlight in the sky
But did you ever stop to wonder why?

Arriba   Brain Salad Surgery

Brain Salad Surgery
It will murder you, it murdered me
We made it for our enemy
Brain Salad Surgery

We've got a ballad
About a salad brain
With assurgence
In a dirty bit again.

Brain Salad Surgery
It will work for you, it works for me
Brain rot perversity
Brain Salad Surgery


Arriba   Watching Over You

Good night, good night....
Look at that moon shine so bright.
And tonight he smiles
Especially for you.

Sleep tight, sleep tight.
Know everything is alright.
And tonight I will be here
Watching over you.

For tonight I will be here watching over you.
Tonight I'll be here watching over you.

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams.
It is never as real as it seems.
And in the morning when you wake up
I will be right here.

Sleep on, sleep on.
For no matter how dark or how long
It may seem that your night is
I will still be here.

I will still be here watching, watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

So be still, be still
For you know that I always will
Tonight and forever
Be watching over you.

For tonight and forever, be watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

I will be watching over you.
Arriba   So Far to Fall

I was "Master Faster", I was "Mr. Mystery"
There wasn't a mortal man was gonna make a monkey out of me.
I had reflex, action, first strike capability
So high - so tall - so far to fall.

I took my time, my life was all without a cause
Till she came bursting through the frontdoor of my heart,
Just like the signs that say I'll follow by a star,
Once more, no blame, I'm far, no name.

Too much, too soon, a touch of moon
A burst balloon, so far, so far to fall.
Ooh she had me, she had me running rings around the floor.
She had me nailed to a door, she had me crying out,
She had me crying out for more, more, more, more, more, more, more.
She bad me, she tied me up in knots like a piece of a string,
She did a thing to my thing, she did a thing to my thing
Like it's never been done before.

Too much...

I saw stars, in the night, I was hers, I was high
I had so far to fall, such a long way to fall
And I fell and I fell and I fell

So if you're "Master Blaster" or you're "Mr. Mystery"
Don't think you're insulated from love's electricity.
There'll be no escape for you, there was no escape for me
So high - so tall - one night you're bound to fall.
Arriba   I Believe in Father Christmas

They said there'll be snow at Christmas
they said there'll be peace on Earth
but instead it just kept on raining
a veil of tears for the virgin's birth
I remember one Christmas morning
a winters light and a distant choir
and the peal of a bell and that Christmas tree smell
and their eyes full of  tinsel  and fire.

They sold me a dream of Christmas
they sold me a silent night
and they told me a fairy story
'till I believed in the Israelite
and I believed in Father Christmas
and I looked at the sky with excited eyes
'till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
and I saw him and through his disguise.

I wish you a hopeful Christmas
I wish you a brave new year
all anguish pain and sadness
leave your heart and let your road be clear
they said there'll be snow at Christmas
they said there'll be peace on earth
Hallelujah Noel be it heaven or hell
the Christmas you get you deserve

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