Jethro Tull Christmas

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Jethro Tull - The Jethro Tull Christmas AlbumJETHRO TULL - THE JETHRO TULL CHRISTMAS ALBUM (2003)
Ian Anderson - Voces, flauta, guitarras acústicas, mandolina, piccolo, percusión
Martin Barre - Guitarra acústica y eléctrica
Andy Giddings - Teclados, acordeón, bajo, órgano
Doane Perry - Batería, percusión
Jonathan Noyce - Bajo
David Pegg - Mandolina, bajo
James Duncan - Batería y percusión
The Sturcz String Quartet
Lista de Temas:
Birthday Card At Christmas
Holly Herald (instrumental)
A Christmas Song
Another Christmas Song

God Rest Ye merry Gentlemen (instrumental)
Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow
Last Man At The Party

Pavane (instrumental)
First Snow On Brooklyn
Greensleeved (instrumental)
Fire At Midnight
We Five Kings (instrumental)
Ring Out Solstice Bells
Bourée (instrumental)
A Winter Snowscape (instrumental)
Arriba   Birthday Card At Christmas

Got a birthday card at Christmas:
it made me think of Jesus Christ
it said, "I love you" in small letters
I simply had to read it twice
wood smoke curled from blackened chimneys
the smell of frost was in the air
Pole star hovered in the blackness
I looked again: it wasn't there.

People have showered me with presents
while their minds were fixed on other things.
sleigh bells, bearded red suit uncles.
pointy trees and angel wings.
I am the shadow in your Christmas.
I am the corner of your smile.
perfunctory in celebration.
you offer content but no style.

That little baby Jesus:
he got a birthday card or three.
gold trinkets and cheap frankincense.
some penny baubles for his tree.
have some time off for good behaviour.
forty days, give or take a few.
hey there, sweet baby Jesus:
let's share a birthday card with you.

Arriba   A Christmas Song

Once in Royal David's City
stood a lowly cattle shed,
where a mother laid her baby
you'd do well to remember
the things He later said
when you're stuffing yourselves
at the Christmas parties,
you'll laugh when I tell you
to take a running jump
you're missing the point
I'm sure does not need making;
that Christmas spirit
is not what you drink.

So how can you laugh
when your own mother's hungry
and how can you smile
when the reasons for smiling are wrong?
and if I messed up
your thoughtless pleasures,
remember, if you wish,
this is just a Christmas song.

Hey, Santa: pass us that bottle, will you?
Arriba   Another Christmas Song

Hope everybody's ringing on their own bell,
this fine morning
hope everyone's connected
to that long distance phone
old man, he's a mountain
old man, he's an island
old man, he's awaking – says,
"I'm going to call,
call all my children home".

Hope everybody's dancing to their own drum
this fine morning –
the beat of distant Africa
or a Polish factory town
old man, he's calling for his supper
he's calling for his whisky.
Calling for his sons and daughters, yeah –
calling, calling all his children round.

Sharp ears are tuned in to the drones
and chanters warming
mist blowing round some headland,
somewhere in your memory
everyone is from somewhere –
even if you've never been there
so take a minute to remember the part of you
that might be the old man calling me.

How many wars you fighting out there,
this winter's morning?
maybe it's always time
for another Christmas song.
Old man he's asleep now
got appointments to keep now
dreaming of his sons and daughters and proving,
proving that the blood is strong.
Arriba   Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow

Through long December nights
we talk in words of rain or snow
while you, through chattering teeth,
reply and curse as you go
why not spare a thought this day
for those who have no flame
to warm their bones at Christmas time?
say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

Now, as the last broad oak leaf falls,
we beg, consider this:
there's some who have no coin
to save for turkey, wine or gifts.
No children's laughter round the fire,
no family left to know
so lend a warm and helping hand –
say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

As holly pricks and ivy clings,
your fate is none too clear
the Lord may find you wanting,
let your good fortune disappear.
All homely comforts blown away
and all that's left to show
is to share your joy at Christmas time
with Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.
Arriba   Last Man At The Party

Sister Bridget by the stair:
a glass of wine and she's almost there
cousin Jimmy at the door:
another beer and he's on the floor.
Friends and neighbours come around,
waste no time we're heaven-bound
but not before we raise a glass
to good camaraderie.

Stinky Joe from down the street
fell right over his own three feet
he's doubled up in the outside loo,
to taste again the devil's brew.
Friends and neighbours come around,
waste no time we're heaven-bound
but not before we raise a glass
to good camaraderie.

So make yourselves jolly under mistletoe, holly and ivy
get to it – and be in good cheer
and when it's all over:
pigs gone to clover –
will the last man at the party
wish me a happy New Year.

The house is jumping, suppers up
curried goat in a paper cup
forks of plastic, knives of tin:
who cares what state the goat is in
someone with the gift of song
has brought his pal to sing along
now they're turning up old Frank Sinatra on the stereo.

Arriba   Weathercock

Good morning Weathercock
how did you fare last night?
did the cold wind bite you,
did you face up to the fright
when the leaves spin from October
and whip around your tail?
did you shake from the blast,
did you shiver through the gale?

Give us direction;
the best of goodwill
put us in touch with your fair winds
sing to us softly
hum evening's song
tell us what the blacksmith
has done for you.

Do you simply reflect changes
in the patterns of the sky?
or is it true to say the weather
heeds the twinkle in your eye?
do you fight the rush of winter;
and hold snowflakes at bay?
do you lift the dawn sun
from the fields and help him on his way?

Good morning Weathercock
make this day bright
put us in touch with your fair winds
sing to us softly
hum evening's song
point the way to better days
we can share with you.

Arriba   First Snow On Brooklyn

I flew in on the evening plane
is it such a good idea that I am here again?
and I could cut my cold breath with a knife
and taste the winter of another life.

A yellow cab from JFK, the long way round
I didn't mind: gave me thinking time before I ran aground
on rocky memories and choking tears
I believe it only rained round here in thirty years.

Now, it's the first snow on Brooklyn
and my cold feet are drumming
you don't see me in the shadows
from your cozy window frame
and last night, who was in your parlour
wrapping presents in the late hour
to place upon your pillow as the morning came?

Thin wind stings my face: pull collar up
I could  murder coffee  in a grande cup
no welcome deli; there's no Starbucks here
a dime for a quick phone call could cost me dear.

And the first snow on Brooklyn
paints a Christmas card upon the pavement
the cab leaves a disappearing trace
and then it's gone
and the snow covers my footprints,
deep regrets and heavy heartbeats
when you wake you'll never see
the spot that I was standing on.

Some things are best forgotten:
some are better half-remembered
I just thought that I might be
there on your, on your Christmas night
and the first snow on Brooklyn
makes a lonely road to travel –
cold crunch steps that
echo as the blizzard bites.
Arriba   Fire At Midnight

I believe in fires at midnight
when the dogs have all been fed
a golden toddy on the mantle –
a broken gun beneath the bed.
Silken mist outside the window
frogs and newts slip in the dark
too much hurry ruins a body
I'll sit easy, fan the spark
kindled by the dying embers of another working day.
Go upstairs: take off your makeup –
fold your clothes neatly away
me, I'll sit and write this love song
as I all too seldom do –
build a little fire this midnight.
It's good to be back home with you.
Arriba   Ring Out Solstice Bells

Now is the solstice of the year
winter is the glad song that you hear.
Seven maids move in seven time.
Have the lads up ready in a line.

Ring out these bells
ring out, ring solstice bells
ring solstice bells.

Join together ‘neath the mistletoe,
by the holy oak whereon it grows.
Seven druids dance in seven time
sing the song the bells call, loudly chiming.

Ring out these bells
ring out, ring solstice bells
ring solstice bells.

Praise be to the distant sister sun,
joyful as the silver planets run
seven maids move in seven time
sing the song the bells call, loudly chiming.

Ring out these bells
ring out, ring solstice bells
ring solstice bells
ring on, ring out
ring on, ring out.

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