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PFM - The World Became the WorldPFM - THE WORLD BECAME THE WORLD (1974)
Franz Di Cioccio - Batería, percusión, voces
Franco Mussida - Guitarras, voces
Mauro Pagani - Violín, instrumento de viento de madera, voces
Jan Patrick Djivas - Bajo, voces
Flavio Premoli - Teclados, voces
Accademia Paolina di Milano, dirigida por Claudio Fabi
Lista de Temas:
The Mountain
Just Look Away
The World Became The World
Four Holes In The Ground
Is My Face On Straight
Have Your Cake And Beat It (instrumental)
Arriba   The Mountain

Red Bellows of flame have blackened my stones
Convulsing my frame and cracking my bones.
Hell's dragons of steel who roar in their chains
Crawl into my caves to suck out my veins.
I've split the sky ten million years
And I've been called a hundred different names.
I know the stories of the wind,
I've argued with the thunder and the rain ...
Till eagles flew from Urizen
Revealing how my mother's
face was horribly changed
By the apes ...

Where once shepherds dined the diamond worm screams.
The ash of my pine is choking my streams
"O-Yam-Tsu-Mi" I invoke your name.

But "O-Yam-Tsu-Mi" lay broken and ill
By the plight and the pain of his mountains and hills
By his waterfall weeps
Once again ...
Arriba   Just Look Away

Scraping his bow
The old violinist plays out of tune,
Blues on his fingers.
The people hurry by
As he plays upon his corner,
Sometimes throw a coin
And if they see the pain in his eyes
They just look away.
Old men in the park
Spitting at the world
Just count the hours
Faded flowers
Left up on the shelf,
Trying to keep warm
In an overcoat of memories,
Soon be dead.

Scraping for fuel
This crazy old world is quite out of tune,
Too many trumpets
The people hurry by
All looking for a corner
And if they meet a friend
Who asks them to repay some old favour,
They just look away.

Old men in the dark
Sitting on the world
Play cards with words,
So absurd,
The devil's harmony.
Each man to himself
In a well cut suit of selfishness,
Just looks away.
Arriba   The World Became The World

Outside my window in the courtyard of the world
The gentle rain was falling.
No breath of wind, no cry of beast or bird
Too quiet, too still, I turned ...
To see the raindrops like a thousand poet's words
splash their circles on the stones,
And seem to wash over everything with love
And for a moment the courtyard heard.

Until the sun came bursting through the clouds
Hung up his rainbows in the sky
And with a laugh of flames said, "Now go chase the gold"
And the world became the world ...

Now we're all travellers some seekers and some sought
Who leave the courtyard to be caught
In nets of self, damned certainty and choice;
But do you believe our voice?

You ... you've got what must belong to me,
I need! I'll bleed for more possessions.
You ... you've got no right to disagree
Bow! Kneel! Or fear my aggressions.
Thank God if sometimes your oyster holds a pearl
When the world remains the world ...
Arriba   Four Holes In The Ground

Sometimes it seems that what remains of truth and real value
Is wine shared with friends,
A sunset, music or some ancient statue,
Drinking the stars or touching hearts
with one whose love enfolds you.

But if life is just a well stuffed purse
It couldn't get much worse
For me and you
Chicken in a Zoo.
And if life is just crystal balls and luck
I couldn't give a ...
And if life is just this carousel
Sometimes it's heaven.
But mostly its hell
Just a paper shell
Dig yourself a well, well, well
... that's life.
Arriba   Is My Face On Straight

Inflate you waistcoat, wind down your eyes,
Tie on your best smile, check your disguise.
Dryclean your old jokes, practice despair,
Hide your relations under the stairs.
You're invited to attend the turkey party convention;
Isn't that nice?
You can leave your troubles at the door
We have ways to make you cheer
As long as you're not sick or poor
A negro or a queer.
We can fit you with a suit of clothes
That will make you look like us,
An appointments book and a new outlook
A ladder or a truss
Have another cup of reality
Drink and drink some more!
You can own a boat, a house, a car,
Or live like Howard Hughes;
Come on what have you got to lose...
And if you're discreet there are pleasures sweet
You can even swap your wife
If you'll only sign the dotted line
You'll be fine... Oh so fine...

Thank you for joining here are your pills
The man in the white coat will send you the bill.
Would you like to meet
Our most distinguished member... a Doctor Faustus by name!

Is my face on straight?
Will they laugh at the gate
Oh I mustn' t be late
Is my face on straight?
Is my face on straight?
Will they let me through the gate
Oh I mustn't be late
Is my face on straight... Is my face on straight...
Is my face on straight?

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