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Emerson, Lake and Palmer - TarkusEMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER - TARKUS (1971)
Keith Emerson - Acordión, clavicordio, teclados, órgano, piano, sintetizador
Greg Lake - Bajo, guitarra, guitarra de 12 cuerdas, voces
Carl Palmer - Batería, percusión, sintetizador
Lista de Temas:
I. Eruption (instrumental)
II. The Stones of Years

III. Iconoclast (instrumental)
IV. Mass

V. Manticore (instrumental)
VI. The Battlefield

VII. Aquatarkus (instrumental)
Jeremy Bender
Bitches Crystal
The Only Way (Hymn)

Infinite Space (Conclusion) (instrumental)
A Time and a Place

Are you Ready Eddy ?
Arriba   II. The Stones of Years

Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?
Have the days made you so unwise?
Realize, you are.

Had you talked to the winds of time,
Then you'd know how the water rhyme,
Taste of wine,

How can you know where you've been?
In time you'll see the sign
And realize your sin.

Will you know how the seed is sown?
All your time has been overgrown,
Never known.

Have you walked on the stones of years?
When you speak, is it you that hears?
Are your ears full?

You can't hear anything at all.

Arriba   IV. Mass

The preacher said a prayer.
Save ev'ry single hair on his head.
El está muerto.

The minister of hate had just arrived to be spared.
Who cared?
The weaver in the web that he made!

The pilgrim wandered in,
Commiting ev'ry sin that he could
So good...

The cardinal of grief was set in his belief he'd saved
From the grave
The weaver in the web that he made!

The high priest took a blade
To bless the ones that prayed,
And all obeyed.

The messenger of fear is slowly growing,
nearer to the time,
A sign.
The weaver in the web that he made!

A bishops rings a bell,
A cloak of darkness fell across the ground
Without a sound!

The silent choir sing and in their silence,
Bring jaded sound, harmonic ground.
The weaver in the web that he made!

Arriba   VI. The Battlefield

Clear the battlefield and let me see
All the profit from our victory.
You talk of freedom, starving children poor.
Are you deaf when you hear the season's call?

Were you there to watch the earth be scorched?
Did you stand beside the spectral torch?
Know the leaves of sorrow turned their face,
Scattered on the ashes of disgrace.

Ev'ry blade is sharp; the arrows fly
Where the victims of your armies lie,
Where the bladed of brass and arrows rein
Then there will be very little sorrow,
Very little pain.
Arriba   Jeremy Bender

Jeremy Bender was a man of leisure,
took his pleasure in the evening sun
Laid him down in a bed of roses,
finally decided to become a nun.

Talk with the Sister, spoke in a whisper,
threatened to fist her if she
didn't come clean
Jumped on the Mother just like
a brother asked one another
if the other is a queen.

Diggin' the sister she was a mister
shouldn't have kissed her,
but he couldn't say no
Wanted to leave her couldn't believe her,
so he picked up his suit-case and
decided to go.
Arriba   Bitches Crystal

Bitches Crystal
Knows how you
Twist all the lines

Fortune Teller
Future Seller
Of time

Tortured spirits cry
Fear is in their eyes
Ghostly images die

Witches Potion
Mixed in the ocean
Of tears

Mystical Powers
Emerge From the towers
Of fear

Tortured spirits cry
Fear is in their eyes
Ghostly images die

Evil learning
People burning
Savage casting
No one lasting

Turning in their minds

Ritual killings
That swear in
The shillings to be

Heretic Priestess
Dwells on the
Weakness she sees
Tortured spirits cry
Ghostly images die

Arriba   The Only Way (Hymn)

People has stirred moved by the word.
Kneel at the shrine, deceived by the wine.
How was the earth conceived? Infinite space.
Is there such a place? You must believe in the human race.

Can you believe, God makes you breathe.
Why did he lose six million Jews.

Touched by the wings, fears angel brings
Sad winter storm, grey autumn dawn
Who looks on life itself, who lights your way?
Only you can say. How can you just obey?
His the only way.

Don't heed the word, now that you've heard.
Don't be afraid: man is man made.
And when the our comes, don't turn the away.
Face the light of day. And do it your away.
His the only way.
Arriba   A Time and a Place

There is a place, a time and a space
Just no one can trace, that non one can trace.

Somewhere a hill, where things are still
rain water spill, just rain water spill.

Sleep in a dream of butter milk cream
You dance on a beam, dancing on a beam.

Save me from this shallow land,
take me out of temper's hand
Drag me from the burning sand,
show me those that understand.

Save me from this shallow land,
take me out of temper's hand
Drag me from the burning sand,
show me those that understand.

Rest in shade, no sound his made,
Where silence is played,
sound of silence played. 

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