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Mandalaband - The Eye of WendorMANDALABAND - THE EYE OF WENDOR (1977)
Voces principales - Eric Stewart, Maddy Prior, Graham Gouldman, Justin Hayward, Kevin Godley, Paul Young
Voces de respaldo - Friday Brown, Fiona Parker, Lol Creme, David Rohl, Martin Lawrence, Kim Turner, Ian Wilson, Steve Broomhead
David Rohl - Pianos, piano Vox, sintetizadores, clarinete, efectos de sonido
John Lees - Guitarras eléctricas
Steve Broomhead - Guitarra acústica y eléctrica
Jimmy McDonnell - Guitarra
Bajo - Les Holroyd, Pete Glennon, Noel Redding, Alf Tramontin
Woolly Wolstenholme - Melotrones, sintetizadores, Cornetas Moog
Kim Turner - Batería, Rototoms, Glockenspiel, campanas tubulares, tímpanos, congas, Tam-Tam
Ritchie Close - Gran piano, Fender Rhodes
Cuerdas - Hallé Orchestra, Coro - The Gerald Brown Singers
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Lista de Temas:
The Eye of Wendor (instrumental)
Florian's Song
Ride To The City (instrumental)
Almar's Tower (instrumental)
Like The Wind
The Tempest (instrumental)
Dawn Of A New Day
Departure From Carthilias
Witch Of Waldow Wood
Aenord's Lament (instrumental)
Funeral Of The King (instrumental)
Coronation Of Damien
Arriba   Florian's Song

And as the morning sun draws the shadows from our eyes
we've sat and idly talked the hours away
reminiscing of the days, oh so many years ago
when songs and laughter echoed through the glades
but sadly now, the wind of change grows restless with the years
and now you tell me tales of adventure
in a world of troubled times that seem so far away
where kings and heroes wait the promised day
when the signs foretold will come to pass.
So I must say goodbye to this place that I call home
and journey out into the great unknown
to a humble country boy with no ambitions of his own
falls the task of winning back the magic stone
in the book of destiny
I write this humble plea
give me heart and strength to do
all the deeds you set me to
the story starts today
so let's be on our way.

Arriba   Like the Wind

Like the wind hovering high
like the clouds drifting by
we can fly
we can fly.
Freedom lies beyond the boundless sky
like the wind, like the wind
we shall fly, far away
leave your troubles and fears far behind.
Take my hand
like the birds soaring on high
in endless flight we'll sail the sky
we shall fly, we shall fly
like the wind, like the wind
into the sky.

Arriba   Dawn Of A New Day

Come walk with me one last time
through ages past, of man's golden greatness
now all that remains is decay
crumbling ruin, heartache and pain
we've stayed far too long in this place
where no-one can be free from grief and sadness
what will be is now clear to me
there's little need for sorrow and tears lost in anguish
the scars of the past will surely heal
for destiny calls us across new horizons.
We'll cast our hopes over the sea
in search of a world of richness so beautiful
let the waters of life
wash all the pain and hardship behind us
we'll set sail for the sun
and with every new day the darkness will fade
freedom awaits with the dawn
for tomorrow will find us on our way, on our way.

Arriba   Departure from Carthilias

Come, let's be on our way to freedom (on our way)
far 'cross the mighty Sea of Wendor (we will go)
with hope renewed once more
we'll follow the road of life
until the signs reveal
where this journey leads us to
come, let's be on our way to freedom (on our way)
come, let's be on our way to freedom (on our way).
Arriba   Elsethea

Elsethea, she's so wild
she's the queen of the waves
mighty serpent of Wendor
sending all to their graves
hiding down below she waits
in the darkness of her cave
slipping out into the lake
as silent as the grave
then with one mighty roar
she'll strike us like a tidal wave
Elsethea, she's been around so long
Elsethea, in legend and in song
with lashing tail and gaping jaw
she'll drag you down into her world forever
(She's ruled the sea since history began).
Elsethea is timeless
she's been here for all time
all alone in the darkness
she's the last of her kind
no one knows from where she came
or when she's lurking near
it could be many years
before we hear from Elsethea
but then from fathoms deep
this mighty monster reappears
Elsethea, she's been around so long
Elsethea, in legend and in song
no one's safe from Elsethea
in her watery world she's queen forever.
Arriba   Witch Of Waldow Wood

Wandering tales will ring
the death of virgin souls
the weeping winds of mourning
bring a sad lament upon a dying breath
the warlock's knife of serpent steel
has spilled the sacrificial blood
from out the witch of Waldow Wood, Waldow Wood
upon that stone in dead of night
a witch of pure unblemished white
fell victim to satanic rite in Waldow Wood.
Wandering tales will ring
of how she gave her love
to one dispossessed of his soul
who then vowed her heart in worship to the damned
the warlock's knife of serpent steel
has spilled the sacrificial blood
from out the witch of Waldow Wood, Waldow Wood
in pools of death her love lies lost
betrayed by one ordained in blood
whose devil worship vanquished all the powers of good
so now she lies beneath the leaves
in lakes of withered poppy seeds
to wander far in fields of fantasy.
Arriba   Silesandre

After the sun sets behind the horizon
after day passes into the night
somewhere out there in the kingdom of darkness
Queen Silesandre
rides her mighty steed across the sky
until the dawn heralds the day
when she must return to her domain
far to the north
where even the brave no longer set forth.
Queen Silesandre rides on the north wind
over the mountains and over the sea
carrying victims back to Silesia
forever to stay
condemned to a life of slavery
so if you're alone in the hours of twilight
hurry on home before it's too late
Silesandre, Daughter of Darkness
will carry you off
to a world where only time can tell your fate.
Arriba   Coronation Of Damien

'Rejoice in the name of our new Lord and Sovereign - King Damien'
'Long life to the King'
'Honour him with gifts of gold and silver
Sing his name in songs of joy forever
May his reign be long, fruitful and wise'
'He wears the crown of Ænord's helm
The rightful heir to his father's realm'
'Lord Damien'
'We place the sword of Kings at his side
To grant him strength and wisdom to guide'
'Lord Damien'
'Rejoice in the name of our new Lord and Sovereign - King Damien'
'King Damien'.

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