Letras Originales de Canciones Progresivas

Pallas - The SentinelPALLAS - THE SENTINEL (1984)
Euan Lowson - Voz principal y de respaldo
Graeme Murray - Rickenbauer 4001, bajo, segunda voz, guitarra de 12 cuerdas, pedales de bajo Moog Taurus y voz de respaldo
Ronnie Brown - Synclavier digital New England II, sintetizador polifónico Oberheim OBXA, Roland JP4, gran piano Novatron Steinway, sintetizador Korg Sigma y voces de respaldo
Niall Mathewson - Guitarra principal, guitarra sintetizador Roland, arco E y voces de respaldo
Derek Forman - Baterías Premier, Rototoms, timbales, tímpanos, campanas, baterías Simmons y voces.
Arriba   Shock Treatment

Truth is the ultimate reason
lying is why this begins
run from the words of deceivers
the danger is spread from within
watching the hour glass empty
scream as time's running out
there's no more room for excuses
there's no rhyme or reason to doubt.

Hold out your arms
be ready to take all that's coming
Shock treatment you won't feel the pain
shock treatment you'll cry out in pain.
Give up your heart
you won't need it where you are going.
Shock treatment you won't feel the pain
shock treatment they'll do it to you
again and again and again.

Cover your fear with a blanket
don't let them know that it's rage
be on your guard what you say now
it may haunt you the rest of your days.
Faces around you are gloating
the pain disappears in a haze
hold onto what's left of your mind now...
the switches are set on erase.

Arriba   Cut and Run

Cold city, runs hot with pain
knives slash your jugular vein.
Cut and Run
there is no escape from the gun
tongues lie a noose around your neck
"grass stains" seal your fate.

Cut and Run
there is no escape from the gun.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
run from the gun, flee for your life

Search, search and terminate.
We have read your mind
You are an enemy of the state.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Run from the gun, flee for your life.

Assassin: "John Doe"
"I have reason to believe you are an
Enemy of the State, so, by virtue of the
powers vested in me by the State, I am
hereby obliged to terminate your existence......."

Arriba   Arrive Alive

Packing up, ready to leave
heading out, it's been a good night
now we're going home.
Heading out into the dark
moving fast, lights cut a path
through the gathering gloom.

Arrive alive...
we're heading for home before the dawn comes.

Arrive Alive...
eyes in the night
they're keeping me right, they're guiding me.
Arrive Alive...
we're heading for home before the dawn comes.

Eyes in the night
keeping me right
eyes in the night

Flying through towns cloaked in fog
looking in
people asleep
now they're safe and warm
behind closed doors
lying back, feeling the speed
knowing that We're on the move
now we're eating up the miles from home. 
Arriba   Rise and Fall - Part 1

Domes of crystal, spires of light reach out
symbols of attainment once aspired
a quest for knowledge fuelled by love of peace
people never burned by fires of war.

The people of the East
grew tired of peace
now mistrust and fear
are new to us here.

Storm clouds gather, mistrust turns to hate
a confrontation none could forsee
machines of peace melt down for tools of war
one thousand years of peace destroyed.

The people of the West
though war they detest
had nowhere to run
so the killing began.

Three score and four years
battle raged on high
once proud and mighty
prepare now to die
destroyed by corruption
pretention and greed,
Atlantean achievements
dispersed as dry seeds
blown by the winds of change.

Long fell the shadows
across their land now bare
in ruins lay the towers
that crowned an island fair
laid low in death throes
a race once true and right
their power now their ruin
their downfall their might

Gathering together the treasures of
their wisdom and culture
The guardians constructed a vast computer
Protected by an awesome and terrible device
Shrouded in a silicate crystalline dome.

The Sentinel
the ultimate keeper of the Peace
too late to save their own
but there to guide a future race.
Arriba   East West

Sunrise in the East is blinding the West
a fragile peace held together by youth depressed
we call out a halt, it's the other guy's fault
an old man cries before my eyes.

The man in the street
there's fear on his face,
takes what he wants,
doesn't need from the other man's place
now this greed is consumming the whole human race
the politicians lie before my eyes.

Now the power of the East
is afraid of the West
and the poor men starve
as the rich men get obsessed
so they're piling up bombs
in case the button get pressed
a young world dies before my eyes.

As I look to the sea,
Atlantis is rising
it's coming for you
it's coming for you
turn your eyes to the sea
prepare to meet your destiny...

Arriba   March on Atlantis

As I look to the sea,
it is just like I said it would be
the eyes of the world looked in fright
the silver dome sat on the sea
making day out of night
and all around the world
the leaders joined as one
their fingers poised on the key
thinking the war had begun.

They had given it all that they had,
their planes and guns were gone
majestically calm sat the dome,
the final onslaught was done
and all around the world
the people looked as one
the Dome had absorbed their attack
their silos of missiles had gone.

Arriba   Rise and Fall - Part 2

By my own hand, and the hands of others,
a nation on its knees
no brothers, sisters, friends, lovers,
no mountains, rivers, trees
forgive us for we know not what we have done.

And storms raged over the barren wastelands
of the once fertile plains of Atlantis.

And the sea crushed upon the shores,
and the land crumbled upon itself.
the vast dome, the only remaining structure
on the dying continent, shuddered and
sank slowly to the depths of the ocean...
Arriba   Heart Attack

Dead friends lying back to back
in this manufactured heart attack
they have done their Politician's will
10,000 years on, they'll be lying still.
Help me find a way out
hear all our restless spirits shout
turning around, I hear a new age dawn and I look on.

Tracer bullets  lightning up the sky
a soldier's duty is to die
our time's descended on this mushroom cloud
our days have ended in a chlorine shroud.
Help me find a way out
hear all our restless spirits shout
turning around, I hear a new age dawn and I look on.

Climbing our spirits they rise, above the battlefield
we are reaching our lives now in a different time
am I in Heaven or in Hell?
well personally I can't tell.

Rising, our spirits glide above the battlefield.
They are reaching up now to a higher mind.
am I in Heaven or in Hell?
well personally I don't care not one bit now.

Beam me up, beam me up
beam me up, beam me up

Soaring, our spirits they rise above the battlefield
they are joining together now as one mind.
Arriba   Atlantis

Rising up the crystal dome
of life before the final war
breaks the waves of sea and air
to save us from a deadly fall
coming up from far below
ocean floors unknown to man
the Sentinel waited silently
until the time was right again.

Civilization's seeds sown so very long ago
almost ripened to their peak
but how were they supposed to know
nurtured very carefully
guided on their preset path
the Sentinel waited silently
but his experiment went wrong.

The eyes of the world looked in fright
to the seas ablaze with light
and it moved ever closer.

Round the World machines they all stood still
fingers reaching out as one
poised in fear obliged to kill
continents united
against the common foe
the first and last occasion
but the fools would never know.

Alpha and omega
the first-born and the last
the vast dome of Atlantis
cracked and shuddered beneath the blast
sinking back to whence they came
the young could not realize
the original plan would now succeed
due to their selfless sacrifice.

The sea boiled again
As Atlantis descends to its place far below
Now the World has joined hands as one.

All the World now
join their hands as one
the first time since the World has begun.

Arriba   Ark of Infinity

Contemplating hopes and dreams of a new age
all we leave behind is tainted by tears
our tomorrows lie ahead there in the stars.

Reaching for the stars in seven heavens
into the haven of the night
formations flying like Geese, we are free.

Look on through space
our backs to the sun
we stand at the window
where all this began.

Planet Earth is shrinking
a sapphire explodes
our hearts heave a sigh
now we've reached the cross-roads.

Onward through the night
our hearts beat as one
our journey's begun to infinity.

Though my eyes are open
it's only a dream
now I'm looking upwards and so it seems
that the skies are filled with the
strangest of birds.

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