Genesis 1970

Letras Originales de Canciones Progresivas

Genesis - TrespassGENESIS - TRESPASS (1970)
Peter Gabriel - Voz principal, flauta, acordeón, pandereta, batería
Anthony Philips - Guitarra acústica de 12 cuerdas y eléctrica, dulcimer, voces secundarias
Tony Banks - Organo, Piano, melotrón, guitarra, voces secundarias
Michael Rutherford - Guitarra acústica, bajo eléctrico y de nilón, cello, voces secundarias
John Mayhew - Baterías, percusión, voces secundarias
Arriba   Looking for Someone

Looking for someone, I guess I'm doing that,
Trying to find a memory in a dark room.
Dirty man, you're looking like Buddha,
I know you well - yea - ugh.

Keep on a straight line, I don't believe I can,
Trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Chilly wind you're piercing like a dagger,
It hurts me so - yea.

Nobody needs to discover me,  I'm back again.
You see the sunlight through the  trees to keep you warm,
In peaceful shades of green.
Yet in the darkness of my mind Damascus wasn't far behind.

Lost in a subway, I guess I'm losing time,
There's a man looking at a magazine.
You're such a fool, your mumbo-jumbo
Never tells me anything - yea - ugh.

Nobody needs to discover me, I'm back again.
You feel the ashes from the fire that kept you warm.
Its comfort disappears, and still the only friend I know
Will never tell me where to go.

Looking for someone, and now I've found myself a name.
Come away, leave me, all that I have I will give.
Leave me, leave me, all that I am I will give.

Arriba   White Mountain

Thin hung the web like a trap in a cage, the fox lay asleep in his lair.
Fang's frantic paws told the tale of his sin, far off the chase shrieked revenge.

Outcast he trespassed where no wolf may tread, the last sacred haunt of the dead.
He learnt of a truth which only one wolk may know, the sceptre and crown of a king.
Howling for blood, One-eye leads on the pack, plunging through forest and snowstorm.

Steep rose the ridge, ghostly peaks climbed the sky, Fang sped through jungles of ice.
Hard on his tail, One-eye drew from the pack - an old hero conquered by none.

Steep, far too steep, grew the pathway ahead, descent was the only escape.
A wolf never flees in the face of his foe, Fang knew the price he would pay -
One-eye stood before him With the crown upon his head,  Sceptre raised to deal the deadly blow.

Fang, son of Great Fang, the traitor we seek, the laws of the brethren say this:
That only the king sees the crown of the gods, and he, the usurper, must die.

Snarling he tore at the throat of his foe, but Fang fought the herd in vain.
Dawn saw the white mountain tinted with red never would the crown leave again.
One-eye his the crown and with laurels on his head
Returned amongst the tribe and dwelt in peace.

Arriba   Visions of Angels

Standing in a forest gazing at the sun looking at the trees but there's not even one
See a rippling stream that smiles and then goes by run to feel its comfort but the water's dry.

I see her face and run to take her hand  why she's never there I don't understand
The trumpets sound my whole world crumbles down.

Visions of angels all around dance in the sky
Leaving me here forever goodbye.

As the leaves will crumble so will fall my love for the fragile beauty of our lives must fade
Though I once remember echoes of my youth now I sense no past, no love that ends in love.

Take this dream the stars have filled with light
as the blossom glide like snowflakes from the trees
in vengeance to a god no-one can reach.

Visions of angels all around dance in the sky
Leaving me here forever goodbye.

Ice is moving and world's begun to freeze see the sunlight stopped and deadened by the breeze
Minds are empty bodies move insensitive some believe that when they die they really live.

I believe there never is an end God gave up this world its people long ago
Why she's never there I still don't understand.

Visions of angels all around dance in the sky
Leaving me here forever goodbye.
Arriba   Stagnation

Here today the red sky tells his tale, but the only listening eyes are mine
There is peace amongst the hills, and the night will cover all my pride.
Blest are they who smile from bodies free, seems to me like any other crowd
who are waiting to be saved.

Wait, there is still time for washing in the pool, wash away the past.
Moon, my long-lost friend is smiling from above, smiling at my tears.
Come we'll the path to take us to my home, keep outside the night.
The ice-cold knife has come to decorate the dead, somehow.

And each will find a home, and there will still be time,
for loving my friend - You are there -

And I will wait for ever, beside the silent mirror
And fish for bitter minnows amongst the weeds and slimy water.

I, I...said I want to sit down
I want to take a drink of water.
I want a drink - I want a drink,
To take all the dust and the dirt from my throat,
To wash out the filth that is deep in my guts.
I want a drink.

Arriba   Dusk

See my hand is trembling touching all that's real
Once it stroked love's body now it claws the past.

The scent of a flower, the colours of the morning,
Friends to believe in, tears soon forgotten,
See how the rain drives away, another day.

If a leave as fallen, does the tree lie broken?
If we draw some water, does the well run dry?

The sigh of a mother, the screaming of lovers,
Like two angry tigers, they tear at each other,
See how for him lifetime's fears disappear.

Once Jesus suffered, Heaven could not see him.
Now my ship is sinking, the captain stands alone.

A pawn on the chessboard, a false move by God will now destroy me,
But wait, on the horizon, a new dawn seems to be rising,
Never to recall this passerby, born to die.

Arriba   The Knife

Tell me my life is about to begin, tell me that I am a hero,
Promise me all of your violent dreams
Light up your body with anger.

Now, in this ugly world it is time to destroy this evil.
Now, when I give the word are you ready to fight for your freedom?

Stand up and fight, for you know we are right, we must strike at the lies
That have spread like disease through our minds.

Soon we'll have power, every soldier will rest and we'll spread out our kindness
To all who our love now deserve.
Some of you are going to die - Martyrs of course to the freedom that I shall provide.

I'll give you the names of those you must kill, all must die with their children.
Carry their heads to the palace of old, have them on stakes let the blood flow.

Now, in this hate-filled world we must break all the chains that have bound us.
Now, the crusade has begun we shall make this a land fit for heroes.

Stand up and fight, for you know we are right we are only wanting freedom.
Some of you are going to die, martyrs of course to the freedom that I shall provide.

We are only wanting freedom.
We are only wanting freedom.
We are only wanting freedom.
We are only wanting freedom. ("Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, ...")
We are only wanting freedom. ("Things are getting out of control here today")
We are only wanting freedom. ("Ok men - fire over their heads!")


Some of you are going to die, martyrs of course to the freedom that I shall provide.

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