Letras Originales de Canciones Progresivas

Camel - Rain DancesCAMEL - RAIN DANCES (1977)
Peter Bardens - Mini moog, sintetizador de cuerdas, piano eléctrico, otros
Mel Collins - Saxofón alto, saxofón tenor, clarinete, clarinete bajo, flautas bajas y de concierto, otros
Andrew Latimer - Guitarras de 6 y 12 cuerdas, flautas pan, bajo fretless, voces de respaldo, flauta, guitarra acústica, voces, otros
Richard Sinclair - Bajo, voces, armonías, wicket keeper, paraguas
Andy Ward - Batería, nocarina, dientes, mejilla, anillo turco, dinero, percusión, boo bams líquidos, rototoms, otros
Lista de Temas:
First Light (instrumental)
Tell Me
Highways of the Sun
One of these Days I'll Get an Early Night (instrumental)
Elke (instrumental)
Skylines (instrumental)
Rain Dances (instrumental)
Arriba   Metrognome

Time on your hands
you doodle the day
shuffle your feet
and turn on the news
to hear what they might say.

They've made a machine
new fangled  device
they're lighting the fuse
there's no need to worry
Your world will be alright.

Time for a smoke
a pint and a joke
you muddle on through
silently screaming
"what can I do?"

Till time trips you out
larking about
blows you away
high as a kite
on a windy day.

Arriba   Tell Me

Tell me everything
don't be afraid to give yourself away
sometimes, it's easier
your fears melt away
and turn it all to moonshine
words that rhyme
still in your mind
still in your mind.

Play me anything
maybe music is the only way
to tell me how you feel
somehow, you'll find the way
and all the words to your song
will carry on
still in your mind
still in your mind.

Arriba   Highways of the Sun

We are sailing in a ship that's got no sails
we are riding on a train right off the rails
we are in an old sedan that's lost a wheel
but it makes no difference to the way we feel.

It's been a long time - seems like a lifetime
to be where we are
take a little tumble, fall and maybe stumble
now we've gone so far.

All along the highways of the sun.

No one knows how far it is we have to go
because every step we take reveals some more
but we'll keep right on as far as the eye can see
over there where land and sky appear to be.

Cruising down the highways of the sun

All along the highways of the sun
Arriba   Unevensong

Sleepless nights, restless days
memories of her gentle ways
love locked out looks for a home
a place to find a shelter from the storm.

She said you are the air I breathe
the life I love, the dream I weave
without a word, with just a touch
now I realize you meant so much.

Been awake so long
I feel like I belong
with the rain.

Morning light appears
the feelings of the night

Somewhere in between
the waking and the dream
feel you close to me.


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