Official Link
Camel Productions   -  The Official Site of the band. It includes the latest information on tours and new releases. 
Skylines  -  Includes the lyrics, discography, FAQ, Liner Notes, Interviews, Midis, and more. The Humor area is very funny. Great !
Camel Archives   -   Actually this is a MSN Group but all access is open. Owned by Daniel Occhini, it contains a lot of information from live recordings, photos, lyrics, and more. In French.
Camelogue   -   Home of the Camel Mailing List.
Rajaz - The Rhythm of the Camel   -   Owned and run by Allan "Rajaz" Lavender in the UK supported by Shane "Camel" Carlson from Dubai. This site has a great memorabilia section as well as a very active Forum!
Some of my other Pages
Liricas Progresivas   -  Lyrics from Progressive Music in English and translated into Spanish plus notes with comments from the own band members.  In Spanish   -   Main Site with a menu with links to the other sites that I have created: Prefab Sprout, Moody Boots and others.
Soundtrack Fan - New site devoted solely to Soundtracks. I have moved the contents from this server to Soundtrack Fan: Henry Mancini, Francis Lai, Frank DeVol and Live Scores.
Space Soundtracks   -   Space Soundtracks  -  Mostly official sci-fi soundtracks but the latest addition is the bootleg area with rare soundtrack covers and track listings. Special areas for Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5 soundtracks. It is being redesigned so I am updating the old files (although very slowly).
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