The band usually plays the same set for each tour, so if you don't have the track listings from a live recording, it helps to check these track listings. Sometimes, some songs are played together, like in a medley, but you have an idea.
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Date format:     Day-Month-Year, such as: 13-02-73 ->  February 13, 1973
FM = Radio Broadcast, SD = Soundboard, AD = Audience, M = Mono
A+++ = Excellent, A+ = Very Good, A- = OK, B+ = Good, C = Only for Collectors, D = Barely Audible
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08-10-03 Murcia, 1CD               not verified
09-10-03 Granada, Theatro Isabella, 1CD                 not verified
10-10-03 Madrid, Macumba, 2CD, 140'
11-10-03 Bergara, Sala Jam, 2CD, A
11-10-03 Interview 2003, 1CD, Phone, 5'02"
12-10-03 Barcelone, Sala Bikini, 2CD
14-10-03 Paris, Elysee Montmartre, 2CD, A+, 140'  
15-10-03 Paderborn, Capitol (incomplete), 2CD, B/A, 110'
16-10-03 Vlissingen, Arsenaaltheatre, 2CD
18-10-03 Bonn, Harmonie, 1CD
19-10-03 Rotterdam, Nighttown, 2CD, A 
20-10-03 Amsterdam, Paradiso, 2CD
22-10-03 Utrecht, Tivoli, 2CD
22-10-03 Maastricht, Platte Zaol, 1CD                       not verified
23-10-03 Tilburg, 2CD, A+
24-10-03 Rijssen, Lucky, 2CD 
25-10-03 Verviers, Grand Theatre, 3CD, 140'  includes Interview 
26-10-03 Groningen, Oosterport, 1CD
27-10-03 Milton Keynes, The Stables, 1CD
28-10-03 London, Astoria, 2CD
31-10-03 Sheffield, The Corporation, 2CD, A, 160'
20-09-03 Interview 2003, 1CD, Phone, 66'50"
26-06-03 Santa Cruz, The Catalyst, 2CD
28-06-03 Trenton, Nearfest, 2CD
24-10-03 Lucky & Co, Rijssen, Holland, 2CD, A/A+
28-06-03 New York, Bottom Line, Late show, 2CD  
29-06-03 Near Fest 2003 2CD
30-06-03 Alesandria, The Birchmere, 2CD
11-10-03 Interview 2003, 1CD, Phone, 5'02"
Interview Athens, 1CD, 12'                 not verified
26-08-00 San Francisco, Great American, US, 2CD
26-08-00 San Francisco, Great American, US, 2CD       same show, different cover
27-08-00 San Francisco, Great American, US, 2CD, A
29-08-00 Los Angeles, Troubadour, US, 1CD, A+               no cover
04-09-00 Osaka, Umeda Heat Beat, 2CD, A+
06-09-00 Tokyo, Akasaka Blitz, 2CD, A
07-09-00 Tokyo, Akasaka Blitz, 2CD, A              no cover
08-09-00 Tokyo, Shibuya Deseo, 2CD, A+              no cover
15-09-00 Warsaw Wista Hall Sport, 2CD
18-09-00 Turino, Hiroshima, 2CD, A
19-09-00 Lady Fantasy, Clermont Ferrand Cooperative de Mai (incomplete), 2CD, A+
21-09-00 Madrid, La Riviera, 2CD
22-09-00 Barcelone, Sala Bikini, 2CD
25-09-00 Groningen, Oosterpoort, 2CD, A+
26-09-00 Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2CD
27-09-00 Tilburg, 013, 2CD, A
28-09-00 Rotterdam, Nightown, 2CD,  A
29-09-00 Utrecht, Tivoli, 2CD, A
30-09-00 Paris, Bataclan, France, 2CD, A-
02-10-00 Dudley, JB's, 2CD, A 
03-10-00 Leicester, The Charlotte, 2CD, A
05-10-00 Norwich, Waterfront, UK, 2CD, A-
07-10-00 Liverpool, Lomax, 2CD, A++
09-10-00 Glasgow, Garage, 2CD, A+
10-10-00 London, Astoria, 2CD, A
Oct 2000 Cambridge, The Junction, 2CD, A+, 
13-10-00 Thessalonique (video DVD NTSC), 1CD
14-10-00 Athens, Rodon Club, 2CD, B-
14-10-00 Athens, Rodon Club, CD
09-11-00 Hamburg, Fabrik, 2CD
1997 Bilboard Live 97, 1CD
06-03-97 San Raphael, New Georges's Hall, 2CD, A+
09-03-97 San Francisco, Great American, 2CD, A
18-03-97 Osaka, Banana Hall, 2CD, A                   no cover
19-03-97 Nagoya, Bottom Line, 2CD, A
21-03-97 Tokyo, On Air West, 3CD, A                    no cover  
22-03-97 Kawasaki, Club Citta, 2CD, A
25-03-97 Tilburg, Noordelight (PB), 2CD, A-
26-03-97 Amsterdam, Melweg, 2CD, A
29-03-97 Nimegue, Vereningen, 3CD
31-03-97 Utrecht, Tivoli, 2CD
02-04-97 Munich, Incognito, 2CD
05-04-97 Krakovie, Hala Vista, Poland, 1CD, A
05-04-97 Warsaw, Poland, 1CD
06-04-97 Warsaw, Sala Kongressova, Poland, 2CD, A                no cover
06-04-97 Warsaw, Sala Kongressova, Poland, 2CD, with bonus
10-04-97 Cologne, Luxor, 2CD, A
12-04-97 Paris, Cafe de la Dance, 2CD, A+
13-04-97 Never Let Go, London, Astoria Theatre (incomplete), 2CD, A+
18-04-97 Rotterham, Herrinthrope, 2CD, A-
12-08-92 San Rafael, New George's, 1CD, A
20-08-92 Tokyo Club Quattro, 1CD, A
21-08-92 Tokyo Club Quattro, 2CD
23-08-92 Osaka, 1CD
24-08-92 Nagoya, Tokyo Club Quattro, 2CD
26-08-92 Tokyo Club Quattro, 2CD
31-08-92 Hamburg, Fabrik, 1CD, B+
05-09-92 Utrecht, Tivoli, 1CD, B+
07-09-92 Amsterdam, Paradiso, 1CD, B+
10-09-92 Paris, Fnac, Des Ternes - Acoustic Set (4 tracks), 1CD, A
10-09-92 Paris, Bataclan, 1CD, B+
12-09-92 Toulouse, S de F Garonne, 1CD, B+
13-09-92 Barcelona, Zeleste 2, 1CD, B
14-09-92 Madrid, Revolver Show Ticket, 1CD, B+
17-09-92 London Town and Country Club, 2CD, B
1984 Interview 84, 1CD, 
1984 Pressure Points (Studio Mix Extend), 1CD
27-04-84 Nottingham, Theatre Royal, 2CD, B+          no cover
04-05-84 Cardiff, St davids, 2CD, AD/A-
18-05-84 Nimegue, Vereningen, Holland, 2CD, B
28-05-84 Stockholm, Draken, Sweden, 2CD, B
10-05-84 Birmingham Odeon, 2CD, B+
14-05-84 Haarlem, Concertgebown, 2CD, B-
15-05-84 Utrecht, Muziekcentrum, 3CD, FM/A        no cover 
15-05-84 Utrecht, Muziekcentrum, 2CD, FM/A        no cover

15-05-84 Vredenburg, Utretch, Muziekcentrum, 2CD
16-05-84 Rotterdam, De Doelen, 2CD, B+
19-05-84 Paris, Eldorado, France Complete Show "two different sources for complete", 2CD, B
05-07-84 Hatfield, Forum, 2CD, AD/B+                  no cover
1982 Tokyo, 10th Anniversary, 1CD
1982 Interview Latimer, 1CD, 60'
16-05-82 Liverpool Empire 1CD                 no cover   
17-05-82 Young Love, Manchester, Apollo Theatre, 2CD, B
28-05-82 Newcastle, City Hall, 1CD
29-05-82 Edinburgh, Playhouse, 2CD, B
03-06-82 Another Factor, London, Hammersmith, UK, 1CD, B+
03-06-82 London, Hammersmith, 1CD, 90'
10-06-82 Copenhague, Oddfellows, Denmark, 2CD, C+
13-06-82 Den haag, 1CD, B
14-06-82 Nimmegue, Vereningen, 2CD, B-
17-06-82 Utrecht Vredenburg, 2CD
07-06-82 Gotheborg, Koncerthuset, 2CD
28-08-82 Young Love/A Little bit fine, Marbella, Poerto Banus en Plaza des Toros, 2CD, B+
01-09-82 Barcelona, Plaza De Toros Monumental, 1CD, B+
30-01-81 Stockholm, Gotalejon, 2CD, A- 
03-02-81 Copenhague, Tivoli, 2CD, A- 
06-02-81 Nimegue, Vereningen, 2CD, A
16-02-81 Preston, Guild Hall, 2CD, A-
18-02-81 Glasgow, Apollo Theatre, 1CD 
19-02-81 Newcastle, City Hall, 1CD, B+, 79'            
23-02-81 Bristol, Colston Hall, 2CD, A-
27-02-81 Nude in .. Hammersmith, London, UK, 2CD, B+, 46' 
10-03-81 Paris, Hippodrome, Porte de Pantin, 2CD, A-
24-03-81 Barcelona, Palacio de los Deportes, 2CD, B+ 
17-03-81 Madrid, Pabellón de Deportes Del Real Madrid, 2CD
Promo Flexi FM Radio, 4'
12-10-79 London, Hammersmith Odeon, 1CD, B-/B
16-11-79 Oslo, Chateau Neuf, 2CD, FM B
20-11-79 Rotterdam de Doelen, 1CD, B+ 
24-11-79 Le Mans, 2CD, AD/B+
25-11-79 Barcelona, Juventud, Spain, 2CD, AD/B
09-11-79 Dusseldorff, 2CD, B+
11-11-79 Hamburg, 2CD, B+
21-10-79 Leicester, De Montfort Hall, 2CD
23-01-80 Tokyo, Sun Plaza, 1CD, FM, 45'
27-01-80 Tokyo, Neon Magic, 1CD, B+, 75' 
28-01-80 Tokyo, Sun Plaza, 1CD, FM, 40'
29-01-80 Tokyo, Sun Plaza, 1CD, 100'
28-02-80 Tokyo, Koseinenkin, 1CD, AD/B/B+            no cover
13-01-79 Tokyo, Koseinenkin Hall, 2CD
22-01-79 Tokyo, Koseinenkin Hall, 2CD
15-01-79 West Hollywood, The Roxy, Early Show, 1CD
15-01-79 West Hollywood, The Roxy, Late Show, 1CD
16-01-79 Tokyo, Koseinenkin Hall, 2CD, AD/A-/B+
17-01-79 Osaka, 1CD, AD/B+
19-01-79 Nagoya, Shin Kokaido, 2CD, AD/A-/B+
22-01-79 Tokyo, Kaikan, 2CD, B+
23-01-79 Tokyo, Koseinenkin Hall, 1CD, B+
09-02-79 San Jose Performing Center, US, 2CD, B+
09-02-79 San Jose Performing Center, US, 2CD, B+         same show, another cover
Feb 1979 Berkeley, California KLUX FM BROADCAST, 1CD, AD/B+
11-02-79 San Francisco, Old Waldorff, 2CD, A-
13-02-79 San Diego, The Roxy Theatre, Early Show, 1CD, B, 72'
13-02-79 San Diego, The Roxy Theatre, Late Show, 2CD, B+
16-02-79 West Hollywood, The Roxy, Early Show, 2CD, AD/C
16-02-79 West Hollywood, The Roxy, Late Show, 2CD, AD/C
18-02-79 Los Angeles, The Roxy, 2CD, B+
1978 Sarrebruck 78?, 1CD
1978 Osnabruck 78?, 1CD
1978 Barcelona, 2CD, B
1978 London, Hammersmith 78, 1CD, 30'
20-09-78 Sheffield, City Hall, 2CD, B 
24-10-78 Bonn, Germany, 2CD
25-10-78 Dusseldorff, Philipshalle, Germany, 1CD, AD/B         no cover
31-10-78 Heilbronn, 2CD, B+
09-11-78 Basel, 2CD, AD/B, 74'+9'
18-11-78 Tours (Mono recording), 1CD, AD/M B+
22-11-78 Bordeaux, Salle du Grand Parc, 2CD, AD/B+
11-12-78 Nimegue, Vereningen, 2CD, B+
1977 Osaka, 1CD, B, 13'
1977 Driving, London 77, 1CD, B-
1977 Camel - Paris Theater, Quadriphonic Record, 1CD, SQ, 60'
23-01-77 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 1CD, FM, 20'
03-09-77 Scheebel, Eichenring, 1CD, AD/B- 
15-09-77 Oslo, Chateau Neuf, 2CD, AD/B+
22-09-77 London, BBC Sight and Sound, 1CD, B+, 60'
25-09-77 Glasgow, Apollo, 2CD, AD/B/B- 
27-09-77 Newcastle, City Hall, 2CD, AD/B-/C, 
01-10-77 Unevensongs, London, UK, 1CD, A
01-10-77 Moondance, London, UK, 1CD, A            no cover
03-10-77 Leeds, UK, 1CD
1976 British TV 76, 1CD or 1DVD, A-, 26'
02-04-76 Liverpool, Empire UK Lunacy, 1CD, B FM
04-04-76 Glasgow, Apollo, 1CD, B
12-05-76 Hamburg, 1CD            no cover
26-06-76 San Francisco, Boarding House, 1CD, A
28-06-76 Encinitas, La Paloma, US, 1CD, A-
16-09-76 Groningen, Evenementen Hall (PB), 2CD, B
20-09-76 Moonrise, Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo, 1CD, B 
20-09-76 Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo, Finland FM + Interview '76, 1CD, C, 17'35"
23-09-76 Oslo, Chateau Neuf, 1CD, B
Promo Snow Goose, 1DVD, C, 9'
73 - 75 Famous Rock Dreams, Europe, 1CD, A       Removed due to official release
73 - 75 Needles in the Camel's Eyes, 1CD, A  
22-04-75 London BBC Hippodrome Theatre, 1CD, A-
12-05-75 Hambourg, Muzikhalle, 1CD, B-
20-06-75 Manchester, University of Sciences, 2CD 
21-06-75 Old Grey Whistle Test, 1DVD, B+, 25'
30-06-75 Manchester, Free Trade Hall, 2CD, B 
17-10-75 London, Royal Albert Hall 1CD
16-12-75 Sheffield, City Hall, 1CD, B
20-06-74 Marquee Club, London, UK, 1CD, B+
15-06-74 London Rock Festival, 1CD, A- FM
19-11-74 New York Ladyland, 1CD, B  
19-11-74 New York Ladyland FM Version + Freefall, 1CD, A
Live and rare tracks versions, 1CD
A+B Sides seventies, 1CD
Greasy Truckers, 2LP compilation with Camel, Henry Cow, Global Village Trucking and Gong live
13-02-73 John Peel Session, 1CD, FM
13-03-73 Guilford Hall, 1CD        not verified
05-05-73 Cossato, Blue Cafe, Italy (The Travel), 1CD, B
08-10-73 Dingwall's Dance Hall, 1CD, A, 30'
19-10-73 Leeds, Queen's Hall, UK, 1CD, AD/C
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