Disc 1
01. La Princesse Perdue
02. Uneven Song
03. Never Let Go
04. Drafted / Captured
05. Lies
06. Hymn to Her
07. Pressure Points
08. Refugee
09. (undetermined)
10. Stationary Traveller

Disc 2
01. West Berlin
02. Finger Tips
03. Sasqatch
04. Wait
05. Cloak & Dagger Man
06. Long Goodbyes
07. Rhayader
08. Rhayader Goes to Town
09. Lady Fantasy

Date: May 28, 1984
Label:  Amsterdan label AMS 840
The show has with a lp-style with the Cds in plastic sleeves

You can download the covers here:
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The track listings on the back cover has many errors. 
First, CD1 states there are 11 tracks, when in fact, tracks 4 and 5 are coupled together into track 4. Also, it looks they didn't know the name of the real tracks, so they come up with whatever looks like the title. Hymn to Her was called Still Wonder Why, Refugee was called I Don't wanna Need and Stationary Traveller, Storm Clouds ??
In CD2, also Cloak & Dagger Man was called Take Our Side and Long Goodbyes, Smile You.
In CD1, there was a 2-second silence on track 3, and 1-second silence on track 5.

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