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1973 Guildford Civic Hall
01 -
Never Let Go
1975 Old Grey Whistle Test
02 - The Snow Goose
03 - Friendship
04 - Rhayader Goes To Town
1977 Sight and Sound
- First Light
06 - Metrognome
07 - Unevensong
08 - Lunar Sea
09 - Rain Dances
1981 - Old Grey Whistle Test
10 - City Life
1984 Hammersmith Odeon, London
11 - Captured
1992 - Town & Country, London
12 - Hopeless Anger
13 - Whispers in the Rain
1997 - (previously unreleased footage from Billboard Live, Los Angeles)
14 - Preparation
15 - Dunkirk
BONUS TRACK: (jam recorded at Little Barn Studios)
16 - Left Luggage

80 minutes

Date: Containing vintage 70's footage to never-before-seen amateur footage shot during the 1992 tour and previously unreleased footage from 1997  NTSC format
Place: Different dates and places
Label:  Camel Productions

Comment from the disc:

This is a gem of audio visual material that Camel fans have been begging for these past 10 years.

ADDED BONUS: Unreleased material recorded during the reunion of Latimer, Ward and Ferguson, entitled "Left Luggage".

Camel Footage features performances from Andrew Latimer, Peter Bardens, Andy Ward, Doug Ferguson, Richard Sinclair, Mel Collins, Colin Bass, Jan Schelhaas, Kit Watkins, Chris Rainbow, Ton Scherpenzeel, Richie Close, Paul Burgess, Mickey Simmonds, Dave Stewart, and Foss Patterson.

A slight audio 'glitch' lasting for a few seconds had been discovered on one of the older recordings. Unfortunately, upon checking the master tape supplied by the BBC, the audio glitch is there as well. These tapes are nearly 30 years old so it's impossible to know when, where or how this happened. We at CP are grateful to have them at all.

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