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Cover Versions

  Releases with the whole album (or most of it) about Francis Lai compositions
Caravelli - Francis Lai's Greatest Hits         Vinyl release, 12 tracks, whole album
Caravelli - Plays Francis Lai and French Pops         CD release, 18 tracks, first 9 tracks composed by Lai
Dark Ducks - Ai no Meruhen      EP vinyl with tracks composed and conducted by Francis Lai, performed by Japanese male chorus, Dark Ducks
Electone Fantastic - Best of Francis Lai - Performed with the Electone
Hollywood Sound Stage Orchestra - Love Story and Other Romantic Film Themes       Vinyl release, Side A with arrangements from the movie
Milva & Francis Lai - Sognavo, Amore Mio          Available as CD, 10 tracks, whole album
Mireille Mathieu Chante Francis Lai        Vinyl release, 12 tracks, whole album
Neil Richardson & His Orchestra - Love Story        Vinyl release, whole album with arrangements of the music from the movie
Nicole Croisille - Cinema          CD, 14 tracks, whole album composed by F.Lai
Paul Mauriat plays Francis Lai       Listing of Paul Mauriat's arrangements of Lai compositions, and  here  for the covers
Mireille Mathieu Sings Francis Lai       Listing of Francis Lai compositions performed by Mireille Mathieu
Navah - Navah        Vinyl release, whole album with Lai compositions, most of them original themes
Nini Rosso - Plays Francis Lai        Vinyl release, whole album with Lai compositions
Saori Yuki Sings Francis Lai      Vinyl release with covers of Francis Lai includes two original songs (in japanese)
Saori Yuki - Otoko no Kokoro       EP vinyl with 2 original tracks composed by Francis Lai
Themes for Lovers, Series 18 Vol.4 - Caravelli, Percy Faith and Luciano Monardi
  Releases with Original Soundtrack Recordings and other Versions
Francis Lai Best Album - The VIP of Screen Music Series  - Screen Pops Orchestra and Original Soundtrack Recordings
Francis Lai MAX 20 - Rene Clair, UA Orchestra and Original Soundtrack Recordings
W Gold - Super Disc - Francis Lai and his Orchestra and Original Soundtrack Recordings
  Releases with at least one song composed by Francis Lai
Akiko Futaba - Akiko Futaba Chante Francis Lai          Vinyl release, no info yet
Annie Girardot  -  Vivre Pour Vivre          Vinyl release, 1 song
Edith Piaf -  Face au Public          CD release, 6 songs composed by Lai, performed live      
Edith Piaf - L'Homme de Berlin               7" vinyl, 2 songs
Edith Piaf - Theo Sarapo - Emporte-Moi             7" vinyl, 3 songs
Estella Blain - Un Amour               7" vinyl, 1 song
Franck Pourcel - Où Sont-Elles Passées ?          7" vinyl, 1 song
Hugo - Pas Une Nuit               single vinyl, 1 song
Ishu Kayo - Living Scat Elegance - Neo Standards         CD, 6 songs
Jacky Noguez - Love Story               7" vinyl, 1 song
Jacqueline Danno - Pour un Mot          7" vinyl, 1 song
Jacqueline Dulac - Venise Sous La Neige            7" vinyl, 2 songs
Jack Jones - Vivre pour Vivre            7" vinyl, 2 songs
Kei Shikawa - Emmanuelle 2            7" vinyl, 2 songs
Lena - Faut-Il Mourir D'aimer             single vinyl, 1 song
Mama Bea - Edith et Marcel           7" vinyl, 5 songs
Michel Mallory - Big Ben Jock-Jock             7" vinyl, 1 song
Paola Mei - Soul Souvenir         CD, 3 songs, one sung in English and Italian
Nicole Martin - Mes Grands Succes Vol.1         CD, 3 songs
Peggy Moore - Je Suis Celle          Vinyl release, 3 songs
Petula Clark  -  Anthology Volume 8 (1970-72)          CD, 1 song
Perry Como  -  I Think Of You          CD, 2 songs
Romuald - Où Sont-Elles Passées ?            7" vinyl, x song
Sarah Brightman - Time to Say Goodbye          CD, 1 song
Sophie Renaud - Un Homme et une Femme      single vinyl, 1 song
Tokiko Kato - La femme qui vient de CYPANGO       CD, 3 original songs
Yuko Ema - Love Story            7" vinyl, 2 songs


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