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Francis Lai Book

The Francis Lai Book is a project from members of the Francis Lai Yahoo Group, including me. The book contains a biography, discography, liner notes, interviews, reviews and a recommended guide for the new listeners.
This is the First Edition and it was created by Fernando Higa, Michael Thomas Roe, Evgeny Romantsov and Murat Akinci.

In order to get the book all you need to do is subscribe to the Francis Lai Yahoo Group and then go to the Files Section and download it from there. It is   FREE !

The table of contents is as follows: 

Acknowledgements and Introduction
Chapter One
          - Biography  
          - Awards   
          - Interviews    
          - Liner Notes 
Chapter Two
          - Discography   
          - Recommended Guide for New Listeners   
          - Recordings Reviews 

The book is in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat reader is required) and it uses the following fonts: 
Arial, Garamond and Wingdings. Please check if you have all of them in order to display correctly the information.

Acrobat Reader

Let us know what you think on this project. 

- Fernando Higa


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