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Music composed by    Francis Lai.
Released in 2003 by Universal, 038 436-2, France.

Liner Notes

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01 Mayerling (ouverture)    (2:04)
02 Valse de la cour       (3:01)
03 La rencontre     (2:32)
04 Chevauchee dans la neige    (1:09)
05 Venise      (3:00)
06 Le jardin d'hiver     (1:59)
07 L'arrivee de Maria     (2:35)
08 Le grand bal      (2:20)
09 Le Prater     (2:23)
10 Mort de Rodolphe     (3:28)
  La Lecon Particuliere
11 Where did our summers go?      (2:16)     *
12 Olivier     (2:01)
13 La lettre et la promenade    (4:21)
14 I don't know why         (2:15)      *
15 La lecon particuliere     (1:43)
16 Night in Avoriaz      (2:05)
    Le Soleil des Voyous
17 Le soleil des voyous    (2:10) 
18 Denis et Marie-Jeanne    (2:12)
19 Jim     (2:09)
20 Denis      (1:01)
21 Poursuite pop     (1:58)
22 Slow pour Denis     (1:49)
23 Nostalgie bresilienne     (1:38)
24 L'adieu aux voyous     (1:37)
* Performed by Nicole Croisille
   =  Liner Notes 

A commemorative medal of Crown Prince Rudolf from the 1880's.

MAYERLING - This romantic tragedy concerns Crown Prince Rudolf (Omar Sharif) and his mistress, the Baroness Maria Vetsera (Catherine Deneuve), and their untimely demise at Mayerling, the sight of the Austrian royal family's hunting lodge. Rudolf verbally spars with his father Emperor Franz-Josef (James Mason) about wanting to implement progressive policies for his country. Ava Gardner plays his mother Empress Elizabeth. Rudolf also contends with the fallout from a loveless marriage with Princess Stephanie (Andrea Parisy). Respectful of the centuries-old Hapsburg family rule over Austria, Rudolf soon feels he is a man born at the wrong time in a country that will not realize the need for social reform. The Prince of Wales (James Robertson-Justice), later to become Britain's King Edward VII, provides the only comic relief with his dialogue. The deaths remain a mystery, but director Terence Young suggests the two lovers made a suicide pact when they decided they could not live in a world without love where the prospects for peace were dubious at best.     1968


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