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Non Soundtracks

  This is a list of live recordings and other Francis Lai recordings. Not original soundtracks.
Bernard Dimey - Le Bestiaire de Paris    CD
Jacques Prevert - Paroles    Vinyl release
A Walk Across the World    7" Single
Emotion    7" Single
Nice     CD Single
Sur Notre Etoile    7" Single
La Fontaine       7" Single
  CDs or LPs
13 Jours en France       All new recording with Francis Lai on the accordion             
Astral Journeys        Apparently Cosmos LP in CD format plus other two artists
Beautiful World of Francis Lai       Vinyl release
Chanson de Boulogne           Vinyl release
Cosmos           Vinyl release
Femme           Vinyl release
Francis Lai Chante Francis Lai       Vinyl release
Francis Lai Joue Francis Lai       Vinyl release
Live At the Royal Albert Hall        Vinyl release
Live in Japan       Vinyl release
Made in France       Vinyl release
Paris New York       Vinyl release 
Quartet for Kobe    one track composed by Mauriat and performed by The Four Frenchmen: Paul Mauriat, Francis Lai, Franck Pourcel and Raymond Lefevre. The rest are Mauriat's usual arrangements with his orchestra.
Seldom in Francis Lai         Vinyl release
Wings of the Heart                Vinyl release


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