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Internet Resources

Mailing Lists



This is  also located at Yahoo Groups and they are very enthusiastic in their sendings.

Take a look at the discography made by their own members. Lots of b-sides included. Administered by Juli Goins - Maclean.



Prefab Sprout                                        

Yahoo Group that is also a mailing list. Comments of concerts, news, etc. Administered by Hilary Gurney.


Well, subscribe to both of them !





Prefab Sprout e-mail Newsletter   (disabled)

Past issues of the Newsletter that was administered by Ryan Bassler, then became the Zorrophonic Yahoo group above. These files now can be found at the Zorrophonic Files area.





Still the best place to find items in the Internet, they also have some items about the Prefab Sprout. But more important, they also have sellers from England, where the best material of the Sprout is.





Not so many items as Ebay but I found some interesting offers.




Rollmo´s Auction Room     (dead link)

Several pages with LPs and other items, solely devoted to the Sprouts.

The website is down but check the  Special Sale   for some Memorabilia, Book and cds from John Birch while they are still available !