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Links of Interests

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Prefab Sprout Links 


Prefab Sprout - The Official Website   (down at this moment, hope it would be back soon!)    

The official website of Prefab Sprout, with news, photos, discography. 

Stop here for truly original stuff: some video files and vintage photos, plus a store for the fans.

Requires Flash  Macromedia. Great animation with Flash but it could take some time to load. 



Bedford´s Prefab Page. Directory of Prefab Sprout Pages  


The best page of resources in the Internet about Prefab Sprout.

It contains huge information, a complete discography and specially interesting are the Collectables.




The most recent website about the band, has a discography, lyrics and video information, but more important: a forum, which is what all fans we were missing in our community.


Tin Can Pot


A music blog, dedicated to the songwriting of Paddy McAloon. Featuring B-sides and cover versions.


Rollmo! The Prefab Sprout Global Village    (dead link)

A wonderful page by a great fan of the Sprouts. Author of the book Myths, Melodies & Metaphysics: Paddy McAloon's Prefab Sprout".


It has an Auction Area, mostly LPs, lyrics of some B-Sides Singles, information about the Convention of 1999 and extensive information and covers of other works of McAloon, for artists like Cher. 




Prefab Sprout Songbook


A well designed website with the lyrics of the songs, including Two Wheels Good, it has a JavaScript that allows you to create labels for the cassettes or create your own. Links and Shopping, also.

Created by Ryan Bassler, you can access the past issues of his Newsletter at Mailing lists or subscribe the reincarnation of this as Zoophonic Yahoo Group.





Wendy Smith Webcorner


Great page of the angel voice of the Sprouts: Wendy Smith. It contains a biography, some photos, her discography with her contributions to other artists, some wave files and soon, some articles. 




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