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Links of Interest

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A quick guide to info of the group plus comments of the records. Very useful.




AMG : All Music Guide

Card with information on Prefab Sprout, their records and members 




Review about a concert of the Sprouts on April 2000 in Dublin. 



In the 80s (dead link)

Band of the 80s. One page information about Prefab Sprout. 



Dot Music


Review about a concert of Prefab Sprout on April 2000 in London. 




Music Pizzicato 5

4.5 of a maximum of  5.0 for Andromeda Heights ! 



Leonard's Lair


Leonardīs Lair

Review of a concert of Prefab Sprout of March 2000 in the Nottingham Royal Centre, with a photo of the concert, listing of songs and the ticket ! Also, some Sprout albums too.



Electric Light Magazine

Searching for the Holy Grail, extensive review of the last record and the music of the Sprouts 



The History of Rock Music

From The Devil has all the Best Tunes to Jordan: The Comeback. In italian



Ron and Jenīs Home Page (dead link)

Review of the song When Love Breaks Down, with the lyrics and cover of the record



Am I Right ? Misheard Lyrics

Misheard lyrics of The King of RockīnīRoll, Wild Horses and Faron Young (You give me valium)




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