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Links of Interest

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Websites in other languages

Websites in French


Web with several promo photos with a very good resolution, an interview " The Great Escape ", and " The Militia has arrived ", biography, discography and more. Very good selection of photos.

Websites in Japanese 




Prefab Sprout "Oh no, donŽt blame Mexco"        (dead link)


A marvellous  website. Besides the Singles page with several lyrics and samples of the songs in Real Media format, it has a report for the Japan Tour and the UK Tour with several photos of the concerts, and it shows the tickets !


What is unique is a page about the Teachers (musical influences) of the group, plus a basic glossary of terms related to the songs. Intended for the japanese, for others, most of them are too obvious.

Titles in english so at least you should understand something.



Looking for Prefab Sprout              (dead link)

Articles, interviews, cannot comment more because it is entirely in japanese.



The Devil has all the best tunes                (dead link)


Small website with a discography and some buttons not activated. WeŽll wait until they get ready. 



Welcome to the Web Site of Kozue the Cruel

This website is not Sprout related, but has one animation based on the song " I Remember That ". Very nice. 


It requires Macromedia Shockware, but you can download it from there. 




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