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Internet Resources

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The files from a late newsletter about the Sprouts are at the Files section of the Zorrophonic Yahoo Groups. This newsletter was administered by Ryan Bassler.

There was also a printed bulletin known as Rollmo in charge of John Birch, which became a webpage (no longer available). The first fanzine with CD (number 11) was called Chrysalis Cognosci. I have included details of that issue and its cover. That issued also included a cartoon of Neil Conti drawn by Wayne Brierley. 


There are many places to find the posters of the group. I found one searching on the web, named Push Posters.

It is located in UK, but delivers all over the world. It has two posters of the group in stock.


You can get official t-shirts of Prefab Sprout from the official site, Prefab Sprout site


The tour programmes can also be found at the official site, Prefab Sprout site.  
Also at Push Posters and other places online.

GAME BOARD    Game                 board                 cards

This is a board game that appeared about the time of the Langley Park LP launch. 

    Pins                  photo 

Pins can be found at auctions sites. Couldn't find them at stores, but saw them at eBay auction online.

    Songbook                  photo 

There is a songbook of the Prefab Sprout called Best of - A Life of Surprises. Piano and Vocal. Also, there was a sheet for When Love Breaks Down and for The King of Rock'n'Roll.