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Special Sale

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John Birch has several lots of Prefab Sprout memorabilia for sale. Some of them are alreay sold, so here are the remaining ones. To order any of them, contact him at:
P&P extra - this will be dependent upon size/weight of consignment and the country to which it is shipped - price on request
Last Update :  July 25, 2005 - Check the reduced prices!
Lot #3 "Protest Songs" - 1989 released version -  Was 103.00 Now 85 plus P&P
Item 01: 2-sided acetate from CBS Studios (4.4.89). As per album - all songs as released.
Item 02: Trade Flat (12" x 12") for the promotion of the album, complete with Marketing information.
Item 03: Promo sampler CD for the album, including 4 songs (XPCD 109). Complete with inner.
Item 04: Vinyl album in picture sleeve, stamped in gold ink "CBS Promo" (KWLP 4).
Lot #4 "Steve McQueen" - Was 422.00 Now 350 plus P&P
Item 01: 1-sided acetate from the Town House Studio (11.3.85). Side 1 of the Steve McQueen album.
Item 02: 1-sided acetate from the Town House Studio (11.3.85). Side 2 of the Steve McQueen album.
Item 03: 1-sided acetate from Trident Recording Studios (22.1.85). Side 1 of the Steve McQueen album. In Trident card folder.
Item 04: 1-sided acetate from CBS Mastering Studios (7.5.85). 7" version of Faron Young cut onto a 10" diameter acetate disc.
Item 05: 1-sided acetate from CBS Mastering Studios (7.5.85). 7" version of Appetite cut onto a 10" diameter acetate disc.
Item 06: 2-sided acetate from CBS Mastering Studios (20.5.85). 12" versions of Faron Young and Silhouettes.
Item 07: Tour Programme from the 1985 UK "Two Wheels Good" tour. Folds out into a poster. Includes discography and interview transcript. V. Good condition.
Item 08: Ticket stub. Newcastle City Hall 22 October 1985.
Item 09: CBS promo photo (8" x 10", B&W, 1985). Paddy with guitar.
Item 10: CBS Press Pack "Probably The Best Writer On The Planet".
Item 11: Epic (US) full set of lyrics for "Two Wheels Good" on letter-headed paper.
Item 12: Epic (US) colour promo leaflet for "Two Wheels Good".
Item 13: CBS promo interview cassette and samples of 7 tracks from the Steve McQueen album, dubbed "The Great Escape". Complete with inlay.
Item 14: CBS Studios advance cassette of "When Love Breaks Down" (06.09.84).
Item 15: EPIC (US) album on CD "Two Wheels Good" (EK 40100). Complete with its longbox (opened at the end).
Includes bonus tracks: The Yearning Loins; He'll Have To Go; Faron Young (Truckin' Mix).
Item 16: 12" single for When Love Breaks Down (SKK19). Other tracks: The Yearning Loins; Diana; Donna Summer; Cruel. Sleeve stamped in gold "CBS Promo".
Item 17: Steve McQueen vinyl album. White label copy, with sleeve (KWLP 3).
Item 18: Gatefold picture sleeve with 2 x 7" vinyl singles for When Love Breaks Down (SKDP19).
Other tracks: Diana; The Yearning Loins; Donna Summer.
Item 19: 7" vinyl single Johnny Johnny, in the shape of a motorcycle (SKW24). Clear vinyl sleeve.
Item 20: "Hits From The Kitchen" VHS Kitchenware Records artistes compilation video. Includes When Love Breaks Down video.
Lot #6 "Langley Park" - Was 273.00 Now 225 plus P&P
Item 01: 7" version of The Golden Calf on quarter inch reel-to-reel tape from the CBS Studios, in CBS box, with technical recording data (06.03.89).
Item 02: The Golden Calf - VHS Promo Video.
Item 03: Hey, Manhattan! - VHS Promo Video. Also includes Deacon Blue with "Chocolate Girl".
Item 04: "From Langley Park To Hollywood" - VHS compilation video (6 videos).
Item 05: EPIC (US) promo leaflets for Langley Park album.
Item 06: CBS promo photo (8" x 10", B&W, 1988) of the band. Autographed by Paddy and Wendy.
Item 07: EPIC (US) promo photo (8" x 10", B&W, 1988) of the band (different picture to that of the above).
Item 08: CD shop counter stand for Cars And Girls
Item 09: Unpublished photos of the band shooting the Golden Calf video in Fulham (1988). Five shots (8" x 10", B&W), one of which is a double-Exposure.
Item 10: Unpublished photo of the band 'backstage' at the shooting of the above (8" x 10", B&W).
Item 11: Vinyl Langley Park album, shrink-wrapped, Mint condition (KWLP 9).
Item 12: CBS Studios advance cassette (1985) for the Golden Calf single.
Item 13: 7" vinyl single The King of Rock 'n' Roll box set (SKB37). Complete with standard 7" vinyl, postcards and badges.
Item 14: 7" vinyl single The King of Rock 'n' Roll (SKQ37). Sleeve folds out into a Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Game.
Item 15: CD single picture disc Cars And Girls (CDDSK35), shrink-wrapped.
Item 16: 7" vinyl single Nightingales (SK39). Sleeve autographed by Paddy.
Item 17: 7" vinyl single Nightingales in a gatefold sleeve "The Early Years EP" (SKEP39).
Item 18: 7" vinyl single Hey, Manhattan! (SKB38). Fold-out poster in clear vinyl sleeve.
Item 19: 10" vinyl single Cars And Girls (SKQ35) numbered limited edition.
Item 20: 12" vinyl single Hey, Manhattan! (SKX38) with gatefold sleeve.
Lot #10 "Andromeda" - Was 45.00 Now 30 plus P&P
Item 01: Andromeda Heights postcard, featuring album sleeve art (2000).
Item 02: 'Andromeda Heights' tour programme and merchandise order form. Mint.
Item 03: Concert ticket stub for Liverpool Philharmonic Hall gig (04.04.2000).
Item 04: Concert ticket stub for Manchester Bridgewater Hall gig (11.04.2000).
Item 05: 'Andromeda Heights' tour flier (A5), including album discography and advertisement for the release of "Where The Heart Is".
Item 06: Columbia promo-labelled CD. Case includes sticker, detailing tour dates and release details of the "Where The Heart Is" CD single (669138 2). Other tracks: When Love Breaks Down & I'm A Troubled Man (demo).
Lot #11 "Miscellaneous / Covers / Compilations" - Was 160.00 Now 125 plus P&P
Item 01: 12" vinyl (SKXR13). Martin Stephenson & The Daintees (1986). Rare 4-track 12" single "Trouble Town". Kitchenware / London Records / CBS. Includes the track "Crocodile Cryer (Paddy McAloon Mix)", produced by Paddy. Features Paddy on harmonica and Martin on bass.
Item 02: Cassette (NME.014). New Musical Express compilation cassette "Raging Spool" (1984). Including "I'm A Hypocrite (A Crocodile Cryer)" as above.
Item 03: CD single (CDMT71). Thomas Dolby CD single "My Brain Is Like A Sieve". Includes the song "Ravivar Fiore". Co-written by Paddy McAloon (1989).
Item 04: CD single (ESSCD 131). The Zombies CD album "New World". Includes a cover of the song "Love Breaks Down". JSE Records / Castle Comms.
Item 05: CD single (KYL 1). Deconstruction / BMG Records label. Promo Copy of Kylie Minogue's CD single 'Confide in Me', featuring cover of "If You Don't Love Me".
Item 06: CD album (CDV2761), Virgin. Frances Ruffelle's album 'Fragile', featuring Paddy-penned song "God Watch Over You".
Item 07: CD album (74321444152), rooArt. Wendy Matthew's album 'The Witness Tree', featuring two Paddy-penned songs "God Watch Over You" & "Ride".
Item 08: CD album (0630-12670-2), WEA. Cher's album 'It's A Man's World'. Featuring cover of "The Gunman".
Item 09: "Mad Mix II" Cassette (1983). NME mail order cassette compilation (NME008). Includes the track Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone).
Item 10: Debut Magazine (Issue 3B) 12" compilation c/w book (1984). Includes booklet with photo and feature on the band. Poor condition. Track included: "Spinning Belinda".
Item 11: "Drastic Plastic" EP (1985). NME freebie 7" compilation (GIV2). Track included: "Real Life (Just Around The Corner)".
Item 12: "The Original Kitchenware Collection" Cassette (1985). Newcastle Breweries freebie "The Pack" (No.1) without box and booklet. Includes the tracks: Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) & Walk On.
Item 13: Kelloggs "Start Chart Collection" Cassette Volume 3 (1986). Promotion breakfast cereal Cassette compilation (CBS 9800304). Features the track: When Love Breaks Down
Item 14: "Smash Hits Party 88" Double Cassette Compilation (1988) Box Music Ltd., Dover Records (Chrysalis ZDD 5). Includes the track: "The King Of Rock 'N' Roll".
Item 15: "A Constant Source Of Interruption" CD compilation (1990). Rough Trade LCD 6004 - Indie Bands, featuring the track: "Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)".
Item 16: Select Magazine / Columbia compilation cassette freebie (1991). Includes the track: "Wild Horses".
Item 17: "Q The Album" Vol. 1 Double Album (1991) Q Magazine / Telstar Gen. Release compilation
- 2 x CD TCD 2522
- 2 x Cassette STAC 2522
- 2 x LP STAR 2522
All of the above include the track: "Carnival 2000".
Item 18: "Q" Magazine / Sony 1992 freebie compilation CD Q CD92. Features the track "Appetite".
Item 19: "The Indie Scene - 1983" CD Story of Brit. Indie Music compilation. The Connoisseur Collection / AAD Dist. by Pinnacle (IBM CD 83). Includes the track: "The Devil Has All The Best Tunes"
Item 20: "Coca Cola Is The Music" Volume 2 1993 CD compilation. Sony / Coca Cola drinks promotion item (LSP 982961 2 / 31-982961-10). Includes the track: "Life Of Surprises".
Item 21: "Now That's What I Call Music - 1988" Anniversary Edition (1993). EMI / Virgin / Polygram.
7243 8 27074 48 Cassette and 7243 8 27074 24 CD. Both include the track: "The King Of Rock 'N' Roll".
Item 22: Showreel cassette for producer Jon Kelly from "One Management" Includes "Cars And Girls".
Item 23: Showreel cassette for producer Paul Gommersall from "The Producers". Includes "Let The Stars".
Lot #16 "Thomas Dolby (The 5th Sprout)" - Was 45.00 Now 30 plus P&P
Item 01: Thomas Dolby - the first two fan club newsletters
Item 02: UK Virgin Records promo photos of Thomas Dolby (8" x 10", B&W, 1992) - different poses
Item 03: Official management biography of Thomas Dolby (to 1993)
Item 04: Promo bag for "Astronauts And Heretics" album, including cassette, bottle of hot sauce and bottle of bourbon. Slight leakage from hot sauce bottle.