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This section would include a list of fans that want to trade Prefab Sprout cd concerts or rarities.
It would include a list of what you have and/or what you want to trade. To participate in this list, just send a message to me with your name or nick, and trade wants/haves and conditions, and any other related information to the email address provided below. 

My Audio List (no MP3s):  Fernando, email address:    Sprout Trade
* At this moment I am only trading these CDs for other Prefab Sprout shows or demos. Sorry but I am not able to accept all trades. 
* Chrysalis Cognosci   front cover, inside, back (Fanzine CD #1)
* Knights In Armour (Fanzine CD #2)
* Snowy Rents A Dog (Fanzine CD #3)
* Reading University, January 11, 1986 (Fanzine CD#4)  -    For the track listings, check the Concerts.
* The Devil has all the Best Tunes - Rarities 2CD   Includes Utretch concert, two tracks from Corn Cambridge 2000 and 4 demos - For the track listings, check the Non Official Compilations.
Concerts:    For track listings and some covers, check the Concerts.
* Queen's Hall Edinburgh, October 22th, 1985
* Copenhagen, December 1st, 1990 (2CDs)
* Cambridge Corn Exchange April 05, 2000. Wonder Boy label.
* Southampton Guildhall April 6th, 2000 (2CDs)
* Leeds Town & Country Club April 9th, 2000 (2CDs) 
* Fleah Festival, London April 10th, 2000 
* A Banarama Moment, Dublin April 16th, 2000 (2CDs)
* Jordan Interview with some tracks from that cd
Looking: More Prefab Sprout shows !
: Audio extraction with EAC, non mp3-sourced, burning up to 8x, branded cdrs, no writing on the disc, just a paper note or similar, arrangements for covers/inlays thru email or in separate cd, delivery on paper or plastic case.   
All these recommendations are negotiable, just contact me and we'll talk but the one about non mp3-sourced is very important, since I already have many mp3s and I am looking for audio sources.