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Swoon Langley Park Jordan




October 20th, 1984

Producers: David Brewis, Prefab Sprout

Epic BFE 39872

Beautifully crafted, beguiling set of offbeat new pop originals. No chart-topping singles here, but funny and originals lyrics and a compelling beat.




From Langley Park To Memphis

April 30th, 1988

Producers: Thomas Dolby, Jon Kelly, Paddy McAloon, Andy Richards

Epic BFE 44208

Intelligent U.K. band should boost its stateside following with this adept third effort. Cool, simply stated playing propels McAloon's wry, smart songs: "The King of RockīnīRoll" and stinging "Cars and Girls" (which takes Springsteen to task) are good bets for alternative airplay. Pete Townshend guests on "Hey Manhattan".





Jordan: The Comeback

September 29th, 1990

Producers: Thomas Dolby

Epic 46132

Framed by subtle, Dobly-ized production flourishes, this newest and strongest release from these canny British popsters marks a return to the clever, ethereal songcraft with which they made their reputation.

Highlights of a distinctive set include the offbeat strains of "Wild Horses", the poignancy of "We let the stars go", and the good groove of "Machine Gun Ibiza". Ideal for alternative formats, although some material is well-suited even for adventorous ACs.