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Live Recordings

Queen's Hall, Edinburgh: October 22, 1985 
(without Wendy, who was sick)

Track Listings
01. Horsechimes
02. Moving The River 
03. Cars And Girls 
04. Bonny 
05. Faron Young 
06. Hallelujah 
07. Lions In Own Garden Exit Someone 
08. Wicked Things
09. Goodbye Lucille N.1
10. Don't Sing
11. Tiffany's
12. When Love Breaks Down
13. When The Angels
14. Appetite
15. Cruel    

Sound quality: Audience recording, listenable, but not great. 

Reviews / Comments

Memories from Prefab Sprout, Edinburgh, 1985
This recording brings back some special memories for me. It was twenty years ago and I was the clichéd pimply teenager. Music, it seemed, was the most important thing in the world. John Peel and some New Musical Express journalists were hyping Prefab Sprout. I was young and easily impressed by London journalists and these were the days when I thought little of splashing out the remains of my salary on half a dozen pieces of vinyl. When I bought 'Steve McQueen' I wasn't disappointed - the album was a beautifully crafted piece pop music. I played it over and over again. I still do.
A few months later Paddy and co. came on tour and came to my hometown, Edinburgh. I can't remember many details of the gig - I bought my ticket from 'Ripping Records' a great music store, which had every record worth buying at the time, and I think the show was eventually sold out. 
I remember wondering how the Sprouts would square the lush production of ‘Steve McQueen’ with performing live. I wasn’t disappointed and the show flew by; 'Moving the River' was as slick and smooth as you could imagine, the then unreleased 'Wicked Things' sticks in memory as something worth listening out for later.
The performance of 'Bonny' just blew me away. ‘Cruel’ was just a perfect ending to a perfect show. I remember leaving the show with a warm feeling and thinking I had been in the presence of something special.
Alan from UK

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