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Live Recordings

Manchester International - 17 July 1985 

Track Listings
01. Don't Sing
02. Bonny
03. Green Isaac
04. Moving The River
05. Hallelujah
06. Goodbye Lucille #1
07. Cars And Girls
08. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
09. Appetite
10. When Love Breaks Down
11. Rebel Land
12. Faron Young
13. When The Angels
14. Cruel
15. Ghost Town Blues
Sound: Recorded six feet from the PA Stack on the left of the venue, it's very clear, almost soundboard in quality, but retaining atmosphere because it isn't. 
Reviews / Comments
The "Two Wheels Good" Tour 

Lineage: Aiwa CM-30 > WM D6C > Maxell XLII > Sound Forge 7 > FLAC 
The International was a superb venue to record at, by virtue of the bar which was placed nicely six feet from the PA. Just right for placing bags containing recorders on seats (or the bar itself!). Using the WM D6 was also perfectly matched as the levels could be set low and with the 20dB attenuation set virtually no extraneous noise was recorded. even if someone did lean over your bag to order a drink! 
This was the show where I walked up to my usual spot at the bar to greeted by a crowd already there. As I moved to the bar, a gentleman asked me if I wanted to get to the bar to get a drink, and moved out of my way. I replied (ever cocky) "Thanks, but I'd *really* like to get the bar to put my bag down to record the show." He grinned a grin which would have made the Cheshire Cat proud... "I'm their manager..." he replied. "Oh, b*gger!" I said. Keith Armstrong is a true gent though, we got talking, (I think I bought him a drink) and he allowed me to record as long as I sent him a copy. And this is the result. Listen for Paddy's comment after Cars And Girls... 
After the show I even got the setlist off the keyboard player (which I still have!) It has all the kbd notes as to which should be used on what song (DX7 or Piano) and what DX7 settings... 
The band was Paddy MacAloon (Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals); Wendy Smith (Backing vocals / Harmonica); Martin MacAloon (Bass); Neil Conti (Drums): Kevin Armstrong (Lead Guitar) and Michael Graves (Keyboards). 
I should mention that this show was so loud I had a ringing in my ears for three days after and was the last show I saw without ear protection. Tinnitus is no fun, believe me... watch out, kids! 

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