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Rollmo! No. 02

Welcome to the second fanzine
Rollmo! # 02Now that things are moving again, We should have a bit to talk about leading up to the release of "Jordan: The Comeback" and its singles.
Paddy is hoping for a mega-hit from this new production, which, they claim is their most ambitious venture so far.
Good luck, fellas !

You know, it amazes me how people with such a wide range of music tastes follow the Sprouts, from admirers of The Throwing Muses to fans of George Michael; from Thin Lizzy to George Benson; from The Cure to New Kids On The Block.
On reflection, and as Sue Dyer points out, the group picked up student followers with "Swoon", a more teenage population with "Steve McQueen", a mature audience with "Langley Park" and a confused generation with "Protest Songs" !
Let's see what happens with "Jordan: The Comeback" !
I've already ordered my sandals!

A special welcome to those new subscribers who read the ad. in the Record Mirror last month.
Before you ask, I don't have any more copies of the "Profile" left, so you'll have to wait for the updated one next year!

In this issue, we feature Sue Dyer's reminiscences from the very first Sprout roots, going back to the 1970's.

Thanks for all your letters, which I do so appreciate. In this issue we discuss Paddy in Hollywood? and the lighter side of the Sprouts in videos.

We introduce Bedford Mcintosh, who lives in California, who has agreed to send us "a letter from America" every now and again to keep us up to date with any movements in the States (if any!!)

So what's all this "Jordan: The Comeback" business then ?
We're all trying to work out the significance of it.
I think I've worked it out !
We all know of the religious significance of Jordan and a few of you may well be aware that Jesus died at the age of 33 years and four months. Now cast your mind back to the Beatles, was it John Lennon that said that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ? We know that Paddy is a Beatles fan and he, too, is that age.
Are you trying to tell us something, Paddy?

Anyway, thanks to all who have contributed once again and keep those letters coming in.

JohnKeep on truckin',

John Birch