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Rollmo! No. 02


Greetings from America! John asked if I would send a brief note for the fanzine and I was happy to.
The word from the US about the Sprouts is: "Prefab what?" The Sprouts are completely unknown here by the general music audience. In Los Angeles, where dozens of radio stations compete for listeners, I have only heard the Sprouts played on one station by a DJ who is a big fan. There was a news story on them on our National Public Radio, which does have some listeners. The national music video channel, MTV has played "The Golden Calf", "Cars And Girls" and "When Love Breaks Down" but not regularly.

Paddy once said that "Swoon" was released in the US only in Hoboken, which is in New Jersey but is really a way of saying it was hardly released at all.
"Two Wheels Good" (as we all know as "Steve McQueen" over here; "Faron Young" became simply "Faron" for the same reason) generated more interest and made it to "Spin" magazine's list of the all-time 25 greatest albums.
"From Langley Park To Memphis" received the most publicity and support from their US label, Epic. Unlike the UK, the first single they pushed from the album was "The Golden Calf" then "Cars And Girls." I don't know how well it charted since I don't follow that, (remember though, the word is still "Prefab what?" so it must not have done too well.)
"Protest Songs" was never released in the US except as an import.

Here is a discography: (all releases on Epic)



7" singles: 05464 When Love Breaks Down / The Yearning Loins
  05763 Appetite / When The Angels
  07922 Cars And Girls / Vendetta
12" singles: EAS1020 Golden Calf / Golden Calf (edit) *
  EAS2178 When Love Breaks Down / same on B-side *
  EAS2236 Appetite / Faron (edit) / Faron *
L.P.'s: 39872 Swoon
  40100 Two Wheels Good
  44208 From Langley Park To Memphis
C.D.'s: 40100 Two Wheels Good
  ESK1145 I Remember That / Enchanted / Hey, Manhattan! *
Cassettes : PRT39872 Swoon
  PET40100 Two Wheels Good
  BET44208 From Langley Park To Memphis

NOTE:  Items marked * were for promotion purposes

The releases are essentially the same as in the UK, though with minor cover colour variations, although "When Love Breaks Down" on "Two Wheels Good" uses a different mix and vocal track than the version on "Steve McQueen."
Bedford                   So long 'til next time!
                   Best Wishes,
Bedford Mcintosh, Jr.