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Rollmo! No. 10

by Bedford Mcintosh
part 2: other items

Last issue I did an article on some of the more interesting Sprout recordings. This article is on some of the promotional items and other things that are out there to collect. The article is called MY FAVORITE COLLECTIBLES so if you have your own favorites, send your list in!

As you will see, this article could be subtitled, "I owe it all to Sue Dyer." My heartfelt thanks goes to her.

1. AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 of the band. I have several items signed by the band, but this one is special because I got it personally from the Sprouts when I met them (with Sue and Dave Dyer) after the Sheffield show last year.

2. SWOON promotional SWEATSHIRT. Black with silver lettering, a little worn around the edges. It fits so who's complaining? I didn't find this until last year!

3. POSTER for THE COMEBACK TOUR concerts in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Don't let anyone fool you about that gentle, soft-spoken Geordie stuff. Less than two minutes in the Barrowland and Sue and Dave Dyer were showing me the proper way to take a poster off the wall. Come to think of it, they were very guiet when they did it!

4. POSTER for CARS AND GIRLS release. 60" by 40" of a flaming Bruce Springsteen.

5. The entire WINDOW DISPLAY for FROM LANGLEY PARK TO MEMPHIS sent to me in what looked like the world's largest postcard by Sue Dyer.

6. The Sprout's ROCK 'N' ROLL TRIVIA GAME. I've never actually played it. Sue sent it of course.

7. TOUR PROGRAM for THE COMEBACK TOUR. Bought at a concert with Sue and Dave. Nice.

8. CHRISTMAS CARD signed by the Sprouts. Thanks Sue.

9. COUNTER DISPLAYS, my favorite being the stand for the Cars and Girls CD, ("We have all been burned"). Sue apparently has been blackmailing her local record shop owner.

10. The HEY MANHATTAN SNOW SHAKER. OK, I don't really have one of these, but I'm willing to make some serious trades for one. Sue Dyer collects snow shakers so I'd have a tough time prying one of these out of her hands!
I probably have the largest collection of duplicate Sprout material to trade that you'll ever find (including the Candle single and the Trivia Game). The hard part is that I trade only and I only need items that are pretty rare. If you have the snow shaker, acetates, old posters, anything unusual, please write me: Bedford Mcintosh.
Bedford Mcintosh