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Guitar Chords Archive

38 Carat Collection

Released in 1999 - Sony Music Entertainment
  Lions In My Own Garden   *
Don't Sing 
Couldn't Bear To Be Special
When Love Breaks Down
Faron Young
Johnny Johnny
Cars And Girls
The King Of Rock'n'Roll
Hey Manhattan !
The Golden Calf
Looking For Atlantis
We Let The Stars Go
Carnival 2000
The Sound Of Crying
If You Don't Love Me
Life Of Surprises
A Prisoner Of The Past
Electric Guitars
Cue Fanfare
Moving The River
Desire As
Horsin' Around
Pearly Gates
'Til The Cows Come Home
I Remember That
Jordan: The Comeback
All The World Loves Lovers 
Jesse James Bolero 
Doo Wop in Harlem
Life's A Miracle
Andromeda Heights
Where The Heart Is    **

*       Limoges was the first recording of the band and here appears for first time on CD (officially).
**     This song appeared as a CD Single, so this is the first time on a full cd. 

All songs composed by Paddy McAloon
Design by Crutes la Mar, Photos by Douglas Brothers
Produced by David Brewis and Prefab Sprout


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