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Guitar Chords Archive

Send us your Chords

Following the steps of the Marshall's works, this website is a collaborative effort. 

If you want to contribute please send us the Chords to the songs still missing.

The procedure is very simple. Create a text file with the lyrics found in  this file  and place the chords above the proper place, and send them to me at: Sprout Website

The list of the wanted chords is as follows:

Green Isaac 
Here On The Eerie 
I Never Play Basketball Now 
Green Isaac II 
When the Angels 
The World Awake 
Knock on Wood 
The Venus of the Soup Kitchen 
Machine Gun Ibiza 
All Boys Believe Anything 
Paris Smith 
The Wedding March 
Whoever You Are 
The Streets of Laredo / Not long for this world
Love will find someone for you
Cornfield ablaze
When you get to know me better
The Gunman
Blue Roses
Farmyard Cat

B-side tracks - check   this file   for the lyrics of :
Nero the Zero
Never trust a spell
The End of the Affair
The Guest Who Stayed Forever
Walk On

and   I Trawl the Megahertz   tracks, well this is mostly orchestral so I don't know if someone is willing to take this job, but anyway here are the lyrics (or text) of this Paddy's solo work.


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